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    I have 16 nephews and nieces with the oldest being 38 so none of them have ever seen me walk. One evening a nephew about 2-3 years old saw me sitting in bed, he just stood there screaming at the top of his lungs. There wasn't anything I could say to calm him down so I jumped back in my chair and everything was ok. My thoughts are that he was thinking my chair was part of me and we must have come apart. He is out of high school now and doesn't remember the incident. I was just wondering if other things like this happned to you. Thanks!

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    I have about the same number of them
    funny the little ones run up to wheelchair people in malls and stuff and jump on them like they do me
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    My niece who is only 1 1/2 years older than her brother who she liked to help her mom take for a walk always called my chair Aunt Donna's stroller.
    They have never seen me walk and because of the chair they are not afraid to talk to people who are in chairs and ask if they need help while other kids step back and stare.

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    I think its great when kids do that, it also teaches them to be kind and respectful of others. I seldom need help getting around but when a kid asks I usually say sure, you can just see it in their eyes how happy they are knowing they helped someone. On the other hand its sad knowing kids are being taken advantage of the way todays world is and the people in it.

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    i had an 8yo girl ask her mommy not to stare at me because it's impolite once - i thought it was hilarious. Her mother was a little shocked at first but after I explained to the girl that her mommy was intrigued by me, in a cute kinda way and not because i looked strange did things finally fell into place - Kids, ya gotta love em! Never had a kid facilitate such a meeting of like minds until then.

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    Oldtimer, that is too funny. Children are so innocent when it comes to stuff like that. His thought process was probably equivalent to that of you removing your "legs", that being the chair. Panic! lol
    I was 11 when my dad was hurt and my youngest sister was 4. I remember her being afraid of the chair more than anything. Obviously over time that changed, but nothing funny sticks out. However, kids growing up with someone they know in a chair naturally makes them more comfortable and gives them an unspoken understanding of other people in chairs or with disabilities in general I believe.

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    I'm used to hearing kids asking their parents something like "Mommy, why is that guy in a wheelchair?" If I can, I answer or just give a smile and they're happy.

    A couple months ago, I was traveling and didn't have shoes on as my feet tend to not do well with long periods in them. When we stopped for lunch, I didn't bother to put shoes on for a quick stop. When leaving, a mom with two young kids held the door for me. I said thanks as I passed and heard one of the kids ask her why I was barefoot. To my memory, this is the first time the question wasn't about the chair or vent.

    I don't know if those two were used to wheelchairs, but found it odd that's what they noticed.
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    The kids may have learned earlier, no shoes - no shirt - no service. It is illegal here to drive without shoes and I've been called on it but they felt a little foolish after realizing and understanding hand controls.

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