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Thread: Please tell me I'm right.....

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    Please tell me I'm right.....

    .....or don't respond at all. HA HA. Just kidding. Anyways, this is exceptionally juvenile, but a friend and I just had a heated debate about whether "to each his own" or to each their own" is proper grammar.

    It was in reference to body hair on men. I said I preferred guys with some hair because I thought it was weird when men shaved their entire bodies, to which he responded, "To each their own..." . I corrected him and said it would actually be, "To each his own" or "To each her own" if it was a matter of individual opinion.

    He claimed I was wrong, and that it referred to a general body of opinions and therefore the correct term would be, "To each their own" and then proceeded to tell me that I wasn't right just because I thought I was right. He followed that up by saying that it was too hard for me to admit I was wrong because I was an English major. I would have kicked him if I could.


    I just reread what I wrote, and feel like the ultimate doofus. But just humour me and weigh in on what you think is correct. Extra brownie points if you find a reputable source that can back your answer, and more importantly, can back my answer. HA HA HA.

    No. Seriously. Get to it.

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    "Jedem das Seine" is a German translation of "Suum cuique", the Latin phrase meaning "to each his own". The English idiomatic meaning of "Jedem das Seine" is "to each according to his merits."

    More here

    Politically speaking I think "...To each their own" is more correct, especially if it's an argument that both sexes can enter into and have.

    B-b-but, historically speaking if you were to find out where and how the phrase came about it is actually "... To each his own". No one ever famously said "To each their own" AFAIK.

    In essence you were right, your friend probably took the more politically sensitive road. But quoting as historically quoted - he isn't correct.

    Oh goodie, i been looking for brownie points - I finally get one.
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    "To each his [her]" own is correct, because "each" is singular.

    In French, chacun a son goût....

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    But. "their" is also used in singular when used with the subject "one": 'One has to watch their belongings in the metro station.' I think it might be a newer rule b/c of political correctness like Keiser said.

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    i think " to each their own" is

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiranA View Post
    I just reread what I wrote, and feel like the ultimate doofus.
    this is correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by catlady View Post
    "To each his [her]" own is correct, because "each" is singular.
    this is correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by mimin View Post
    But. "their" is also used in singular when used with the subject "one": 'One has to watch their belongings in the metro station.'
    grammatically that's incorrect.

    "one" isn't plural.

    substitute "his/her" or "his or her" & you're good to go.
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    to each his or her is correct to me, I get tired of having to say what is politically correct! Another thing I never shaved any body hair I have! I always thought the ladies use to like it on my chest, they like to run their hand through it anyway!

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    You're correct of course. PC has done a number on grammar innumerable times.

    And if you were argueing with another law student ...criminy law 101 innocent until indigent law 202 don't argue the truth confuse and obfuscate. a dim view and not necessarily true of all attorneys but I dropped out of law school.

    I like law as a concept but not as applied (or misapplied as is more typical the case in my experience as plaintiff or defendant in waaaay to many civil, criminal and SEC litigagtions.

    And btw I don't shave my body either, just don' get it, my ladies have always liked it

    hairball bill

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    "To each their own..."

    and who has time to shave?
    We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
    Ronald Reagan

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    Their is plural, you're correct, Kiran.

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