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Thread: Desperatly seeking captain's chair for van

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    Desperatly seeking captain's chair for van

    I need a swivel captains chair that swivels,raises and lowers. That's all it needs to do. I have been all over the internet trying to find a simple van chair that just swivels,raises and lowers. I can get into the van seat just fine. I just need to be able to raise the chair up in order to get back into my wheelchair. There is about a 6-8 inch drop from my chair seat to the van seat. I found a chair that looks like overkill. I don't need it to slide back and fourth or side to side. Just needs to swivel, raise and lower. Does anyone have any advice on where to find this. If it looks like I'm frustrated, it is because I am. I know I'm not the first person to need this and it dosen't seem like something that should be so hard to find. It dosen't even need to be electric. I can pump the seat up manually if that is how it works(actually, I would prefer it). Anyway, please, please, please. If anyone knows where I can find this or even just a base that does this that I can attach a seat to, I would be more then grateful. Thank you

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    Truckers and some delivery vans drivers install seats that adjust up and down, and swivel. You might want to check with a company that offers accessories for 18 wheelers and delivery vans.
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    if it's a braun full-size van, call them. if it's a minivan, try vantage (vmi). i can't imagine why you can't find one...but haven't been in that market since mid 90's.

    here, from brief search:

    both braun and vmi had these or similar.
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    Call a salvage yard. Most have a citywide or even statewide network where maybe 5 to 100 junkyards will reply. I bought a set of really upscale plush OEM seats to replace the cheap conversion style that came in my fs van for $200 bucks. Van conversion shops have take outs, damaged or mismatched etc. RV dealers also.

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    Go to and look/call about their transfer seat.

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    You might want to try contacting B&D Independence or Ricon

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