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Thread: How long does it take until your injury is not your life?

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    You are still learning to cope, and that takes time. Taking part in ordinary living activities can be as therapeutic as prescribed exercise regimens. You can do some living while things unfold. Take some "time outs" to smell the roses.

    I can tell you that after 55 years of living with an SCI, attending to the related problems is as rote as brushing my teeth. It is part of my life routine. While tending to these things, my mind is reflecting on the movie I saw last night or whatever.
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    Things started getting better for me(coping) around 3 years.It still affects everything I do & want to do.I don't think I'll ever quit thinking about it,I don't see how I could,but it & its gifts aren't my topic in convos anymore.I feel it makes me feel worse to keep talking about,except on here.Good luck.

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    I'm a c7/c8 incomplete s/p 32 years - my BD is 8/26/77:)

    I've never felt sorry for myself. I flatlined during my haylow procedure. I have been given 3-4 chances on a 2nd life. It's not easy but life has not been bad. It's what you make out of it. My fiancee dropped me when I was on vent and humping guys about 2 weeks later. That was hard but I used it as a motivator. I did my own humping

    I went to college 2 mths. after discharged. Worked on independence. When I started driving my world changed. Things or events happen for a reason in life. It's part of our journey in this life. *If you dwell to much life will pass you by.

    Go Forward
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    Life will get better 3.14159 years after injury. Things will start to come full circle at that time. I think that's what they told me in rehab. Or geometry. One of those probably.

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    I'm 36 years post injury. For me, it is not about hoping it will get better; it is about maximizing my potential with what I have. Its not easy at first, but it does get better.

    you are one year post, Still healing adn wondering what the heck happened. . This is a time when you should be working on getting as strong as you can. If there is going to be a cure, a person needs to be strong and in the best shape they can be to benifit by it. If there isn't a cure, we need to be strong to drag our sorry asses thru life.

    I've known many who have had great "return" years post. For me, its not that their injury "healed"; Its working the muscle that may have forgotten its job after being traumatised for so long. I know I am getting stronger way lower than my injury after so many years. It's due to the fact that I am working my core muscles in a way I didn't before. Its more about exercising correctly than just exercising.

    SCI Nurse is right about the counseling. It was of tremendous help for my wife and I.

    You both are bewildered by the events of the past year. It's alot to handle. Being a C/7 you should be able to be completley independent . It may take some time, but it will be worth it. Everyone's right it will get better. I know for me, I doubt I would change this if it meant losing all that I have gained. Course there's a few things I would change lol. As Freebird said, it ain't easy but its not that bad.

    It is a lifelong thing because it is a part of who we are. How we lable it is up to ourself. Presently, I am sure you are labeling it umm"dismal" That will change when you decide it is time. There is no timeline, its up to you.

    Get strong, maximize what you have and the rest will follow.

    Now smile, give your husband a big hug and kiss. Go out there and kick ass, you can do this. You're not alone, as you can see. We're all here to help each other. Patrick

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    your husband wants you back as you were, my guess. he thinks that's gonna happen. physically, it may or may not. mentally, i think it will never be like it was. you have gone thru a severe trauma.

    i agree that counseling can help. if you don't like 1, change.

    it's really hard but facts are facts. i saw so many tbi's in rehab it made my sci look like a blessing.

    i hope he can just give it time. you are still you.

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    My son is 14 months post injury. He is handling it better than me. He has been confined to bed due to stage 4 pressure wounds from hospital and rehab and we are finally almost at the point of healing them. There are 3 closed and a 4th only open about the size of an orange pit to close on his sacrum. He has one on his heel taking a long time but it too will heal. To put a time limit on these kind of things is pointless. You have to mourn your loss I would imagine and learn to live your life differently. I am thankful every day for the progress David has made because he will be able to go to outpatient rehab again soon and get on with his life. Yet, there is still a part of me as a mother that sees him walking and running and playing golf and basketball and all the things he used to do. I still look at him and wonder if the pain of seeing him like this will ever go away. My point is, if I feel like this and I am not the injured one, how does the one with the sci feel? As with everything, some deal with things better and faster than others. Take your time and you will feel better about things.
    DavesMom, Diane

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    Miklb, if you can keep the UTI's and skin sores under control, the rest is easy.

    Stay busy, too, mentally and physically.
    The first 37 years of my injury went by fast because I was either working or going to school. Now that I'm involuntarily retired, depression is at the doorstep.

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    I missed the 2nd aniversary of my injury, just forgot. I will be 3 years out in exactly 1 month. My constant goal now is to help my wife by doing as much as I can no matter how long it takes. Your attitude is your determining factor. could have been MUCH worse. Best of luck and success. You are loved here. Your family is loved here.
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    Thank you so much for all the replies. The support is really uplifting and humbling. I tried to not talk about it or complain out loud so much this week. I also kept at the therapy which is always good, though it makes me so tired. I'll think about the counselling too. It's always hopeful to hear stories of recovery after years.

    It's been such a year for all of us. For me w/ my SCI, my husband who was injured too resulting in TBI, and my poor kids (4 & 6 yrs) who saw it all, did without us, and have to adjust to the new us. What a year of hospitals, doctors, therapy and caregivers. We're all so ready to wake up and have it be over.

    But instead, it's all different now. Parenting, marriage, career, getting out & doing things, staying in & doing things. And that's hard to sort through. Given it is what it is, now I have to figure out what I'm going to make of my life today anyway.

    Thanks again for the support. It is so wonderful.

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