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Thread: Woodstock, for us "oldsters"

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    Woodstock, for us "oldsters"

    40 yrs ago this week-- Woodstock. Anybody here that went to it ??? I didn't but wish I had. Janis, Jimmy Hendrix, Richie Havens, Joan Baez , Joe Cocker,. Many other icons of the times, Not to mention "free love" !! Memories anyone???

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    I SO wish I had gone, especially in light of the fact that Janis and Jimmie were dead a year later. On the other hand, I was already in a chair then, and chairs in mud mixed with cow manure might have been a little dicey.

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    i just watched that on it

    i was a bit to young but man that would have been.groovy.

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    I was only one year post in "69" at the ripe old age of 14. Wish I had been able to go, considering it was only 200 miles from where I live in upstate NY. but then again mom sure wouldn't have allowed it even if I could. i knew of many that went and they sure did rough it from what I understood. The stories I could tell you that I heard would blow your mind and did theirs. lol I didn't have that much of an appreciation back then with the concerts as I do now thinking about it, but being with "the group" would have probably been the highlite for As Eileen said, chairs in mud mixed wih manure would have been quite challenging. Back then you were lucky to be able to get into a restaurant.

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    I was a young 21, married, college student at the time living in Tulsa. There was no way I was going to be able to go, not even sure I was aware of it till after the fact. But looking back ----

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    I was a little bit too young to go, but I remember my grandfather (lived near Woodstock) commenting about the hippies, rain and mud.
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    My friend David wanted to go but last time I got involbed in one of his "events" I spen three days in the slammer so decided not to go.. Dumb decision on my part, but ater being arrested 3 times with david I decided he was a looser.

    didn't go


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    When we heard that this great lineup was coming to Woodstock, my friends and I were stoked. Until we found out it wasn't Woodstock, New Brunswick.

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    bollofen-You'd have probably gotten arrested at Woodstock LOL. Some ppl are just not fit to hang around with. And jail at Woodstock would still be jail!

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    I was there a full week before the festival began setting things up. My camp site was minutes from the stage. The gathering was something no one had ever seen or imagined until it happened. Overnight, Max Yasgur's cow pasture became the 2nd largest city in the state of New York and the capitol of the new world.

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