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Thread: bad smell from entry point of sp cath

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    bad smell from entry point of sp cath

    hi i changed the gauze on my belly today and the smell was very bad. i have put on some waight and have a fold of skin over the stoma site, maby this is causeing the gauze to heat up or somthing i dont know.

    im currantly taking antibiotics for uti strap A infection. maby its the strap A infection.

    also i was put on the antibiotic on thursday and had to see a different Dr on friday and he put the results of the sensitivity test on screen and it turns out the antibiotic i was given was not one in the recomended list or one related to them. he said to keep taking them and redo test next week and see if infection is gone, if not we will start on the recomended meds.

    anyway is the smell something to worry about. have any of you noticed this before.
    once again thank you so much for your kindness and much needed info

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    Anytime there is a bad smell, it is not good. However, it could be from the gauze covering the stoma site. Do you have any signs of infection or other problems with the stoma site?

    I would be concerned about taking an antibiotic that the bug is not sensitive to. It seems like a set up for becoming resistant to antibiotics by taking one that is not needed. I don't see how taking a drug that is not effective will kill whatever is growing. I would call the original doc and see what he says.


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    nosleep, you have got to find yourself a regular doctor. In your last post, you talked about how your stoma is always oozing blood and pus, and now you talk about a foul odor. These are signs of a serious infection.

    You are not receiving competent medical care if your doctors are ignoring your stoma issues and treating you with an antibiotic to which your infection will not respond.

    You need to find a regular urologist, preferably someone with experience with SCI. You're putting yourself at serious risk by going to a clinic where you see a different doctor on every visit.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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