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Thread: Font changing problem

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    Font changing problem

    I tend to write off-line and paste because I crash a lot. I was having a problem before when I copied in from or Word file my font would change, which could make things get really small. This got fixed, and I was assuming you guys changed something rather than something changing in my file. But I notice the problem again today and wonder if you did fix it before, and if you can do it again. If you want me to find examples of it before, please let me know.

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    I don't think that there has been any change from the web site's end regarding fonts. I can check with Steven to make sure. What you copy and paste into the browser program depends on the preferences in your computer and not the web site.


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    vBulletin will accept some markup that is copy/pasted in (such as bold text, etc). The best way to avoid this is to copy/paste plain, unformatted text.

    Try it from notepad instead of Word & you won't experience this issue.

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