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Thread: God

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    Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss ... it was certainly more interesting and an idea more comforting than traditional faith (whatever that is anymore)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JGNI View Post
    Since you can interpret that language can you give us some words and their meaning, or maybe write a dictionary?
    Quote Originally Posted by SKYCO View Post
    If it's a language, where's your dictionary?
    Tongues is an interesting discussion, but not one that matters in light of the gospel, which is the crux of the Christian faith.

    I've heard them before, have a few friends who have spoken them, yet have never experienced speaking them, nor do I care if I ever do. I'm not sure I see the point of them in our current day, especially in public, where I have witnessed them misused/faked. Honestly, I believe they still exist, and what solidified this for me was being able to identify a language once (while the person speaking couldn't), back when I was in undergrad, based on some studies I had done around the same time. Details escape me right now, but to request a dictionary/interpretation (even if do so cynically) from someone who speaks them exhibits a lack of understanding about them.

    So... whatever. I still maintain the opinion that it's a topic that doesn't matter. A lot of die-hard charismatics will argue that the baptism of the holy spirit, evidenced by tongues, is the sign of a true believer... I see weak support for that in the bible.

    Argue away, but those are my thoughts.

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    Thanks for that... can't wait to read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    Details escape me right now, but to request a dictionary/interpretation (even if do so cynically) from someone who speaks them exhibits a lack of understanding about them.
    Scott, maybe I know and "understand" more than you think those bible subjects you believe in so much. But obviously, it's very hard to discuss with reason about all the non sense written in the bible. You and others can cite all the verses you want instead of bringing reason to this discussion but the fact remains that it's nothing based on facts or observation.

    Have to go to work now but I will take a look this evening.
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    I based my post (sans any biblical citations, btw) on what you wrote. I offer my perspective & experience here, that's all. I'm not sure where you see reason lacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunker View Post
    true .............................why deleted?
    trying to focus on the subject and not scare people off because of preconceived ideas.

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