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Thread: I am feeling awkard surfing matrimonial site for THE disabled

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    Shweta this is the life we never know about tomorrow.

    I was second year MBBS student here when i got injury. I could not become doctor. I had never in mind that this will happen to me but it happened. Now i have to live with what i have. Personally i think we SCI Patients should not look for others to love us because we can not match up to normal persons and if we will keep false hopes from others then it means we are pushing ourselves in pain.

    I believe luck plays great role in one's life. If some one having luck then he/she can get anything otherwise no need to look towards others.

    We should try to live happy within our capacity. If wants God can change our bad times to good times.

    All this is my personal ideas. Resr you know better. I believe we can learn from every one in the world. God bless you always.

    Sorry that you were not in touch with me otherwise i would have met you when i came mumbai last year.


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    Hi Shweta,
    I am Indian and have a disability too - polio. And like you i had worried a lot about my future esp marriage. I had a good career, a very supportive family but i always thought about future, how was to live a life of solitude! i also had a few crushes and once i took things too serious and had my heart broken its then that someone i know resolved to help me find a "nice guy" and introduced me to my now husband. He is not disabled (in fact he is an athlete), and had the foresight to see me and past my disability. i never in my life imagined i would get a husband as loving and as caring as him. I am sure you too will find the one that is meant for you. Keep the faith.

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    Hello Madam Shwetarose,
    My Name is sunil kumar, from A.P. India, Acually I dont know what happened in your life, but after seen all replys I want to share my feeling with you if you are willing to share your feelings with me then pls reply

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    I wanted to say that I have met alot of men that are far more "mentally/emotionally disabled" than we will ever be "physically disabled".....LOL

    I am so sorry you are still hurting. You are a beautiful intelligent girl.

    My clock is ticking too....but I don't have to be scrutinized based on who I have chosen to date because I just plain don't care what my family thinks. It is a long story and your family dynamics are so different from mine.

    I have even thought of dating only men they would not approve of (sadly some of my family are downright racist) but I could not hurt someone just to make a point to my family.

    In the end, I can only offer the advice of do what makes yourself happy.

    I wish you much luck in finding that person who will make you smile again.

    I hope I did not misread your post Rose....
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

    My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

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    disable couple

    i am a disabled ortho . I love a girl also a disabled orhto. but she is rejecting me and wants to be friend only.But i love her a lot . tell me what to do

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    Jawaid : - u r right, but..may b i cant digest your words..i think we have every right of happiness to ask god but may be not human..this is painful.god gives ethg.

    pms :- u r lucky i m very happy for you.

    sunil kumar : - nice meeting you

    daisy : that is very true..many AB ppl are mentally disabled..they are soo weak by mind n heart. VERY TRUE..i really sometimes wish to tell them that they r soo disable inspite of having ethg.

    aruvi : - she must be rejecting for some reasons.

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    ScwetaRose, I wish you luck with finding a husband. It is sad so many people are only able to see the chair instead of the person in it.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Imagine coming home from Starbucks and reading this thread.

    I had coffee at a table a little too close to a male & female Indo Canadian, what I thought was a couple. They initially scoped me out but I immediately began reading my book and making as if I couldn't hear their conversation. They quickly returned to their topic: discussing their respective extramarital partners.

    Anyway, back to the topic...

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    i saw i lot of good advice given to you by the people here.
    one problem that is bound to arise is swindlers and con people.
    if they think you have any financial worth, they will try and play your emotions to get money from you.
    i know you are very smart, but when a woman or man is looking for a marriage partner, especailly on these internet sites, the dishonest people show up. They are very smooth, so be careful.
    i would advise you to stay in touch with the woman here and run things by them.
    they will bw able to see clearly , when love is blind to a swindler/
    you will find a good partner, just be careful
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwetarose View Post
    Hi are you all...after long time i m today on best wishes and hugs to all my frds...

    i m getting better after break up...i know it is almost 1.5 year, but still i cant come out totally..dont know what is bothering me of not forgetting him...i cant help tears....god doesnt do such thing with any disable or is pain..we are already in pain and accepting all n now getting is soo patheticc and terrible..i m becoming over sensitve and feeling waste..m i soo bad that ppl throw..they doesnt realise or their soul doesnt stop them..

    anyways, i m elder in my parents are always concerned and always hv worries that what will happen when they wont be there...i feel very insecure after all i myself surfed surfed matrimonial indian sites of handicapped..but i m very different from them..i m very normal and look normal...( i m not offending anybody,pls pardon me)..i mean i just cant walk...if i m in normal chair, noone can make out that i cannot walk..i m getting depressed of what will happen if i dont find anyone in this biggg world..indian disbaled sites doesnt hv my any match..

    what i do????? i m very scared of being single bcos till now i hv been with frds and him. but now noone..
    Hi Shweta,

    This is Shiva Prasad , hope you remember we ( we met in Shaadi ) .
    please reply back .


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