Shweta this is the life we never know about tomorrow.

I was second year MBBS student here when i got injury. I could not become doctor. I had never in mind that this will happen to me but it happened. Now i have to live with what i have. Personally i think we SCI Patients should not look for others to love us because we can not match up to normal persons and if we will keep false hopes from others then it means we are pushing ourselves in pain.

I believe luck plays great role in one's life. If some one having luck then he/she can get anything otherwise no need to look towards others.

We should try to live happy within our capacity. If wants God can change our bad times to good times.

All this is my personal ideas. Resr you know better. I believe we can learn from every one in the world. God bless you always.

Sorry that you were not in touch with me otherwise i would have met you when i came mumbai last year.