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Thread: getting a ramp built

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    getting a ramp built

    Does anyone know where I can find a company that specializes in building ramps in Orangeville Ontario? I am moving into my Moms house and need to get one built so I can get into the house! I wish we had the knowledge to do it ourselves but unfortunately we do not.... thanks for any help

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    I'd look in the phone book for carpenters and/or construction contractors...they'll know how to do it. As to specialization, I don't know if that's needed. A ramp is easy to build, as long as you tell the contractor what slope (rise over run) you want.
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    Googled your area and found this i hope it helps.
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    I just had a general carpenter build mine. But, it was the 3rd one I have had done and have learned from my mistakes. Wish I had access to this site (for questions and suggestions) 10 yrs ago. So here are the mistakes I made. I first used plywood and it rotted after a few yrs. Marine grade plywood would be better if it outside and gets wet. When I replaced that I used treated deck boards with space between to let water drain off It is not painted but I do put a weather proofing spray on it every year. I did not get the slope right, it was too steep.(the original one) Though I could struggle and make it up, it is exhausting. There is a formula for slant and I think it is 1 ft extention for each 1 inch of rise. Be sure you have a level surface at the door to stop or turn. I didn't put rails on mine because I didn't like the look, but did put a "stopper board " along the edge to keep the wheels from running off the side.Some of these things sound so elementary to us, but don't always seem important to the one doing the constuction. Look at books on decks at your local home improvement store (Lowes- Home Depot) for other ideas.

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    Wood Ramp Design

    Attached is a pdf file titled, "Wood Ramp Design - How to Add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too."

    Wood Ramp Design - How to Add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too - The Center for Universal Design NC State University College of Design. 2004.

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    My first ramp was made by a couple of friends and a welder. It had a bottom frame of angle iron with steel slats going across the bottom (resembled a bed frame). The floor was made out of expanded steel and the handrails where just regular old pipe with irrigation ball bearings to seal up the ends. It looked pretty good since it was painted white to match the house. I'll never forget a neighbor/friend driving his motorcycle up it and almost into the house to welcome me home!! He said he would do that while he was helping to build it and by golly he did!!

    I don't have a picture of it, but hopefully that gives you an idea of a very durable ramp.

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