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Thread: to keep it or not

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    to keep it or not

    i have a big UTI and wensday my urine color has turned into red. now i have a fixed catheter and i'm on antibiotics....
    now the color is clear, but from time to time i have big headaches when some blood things are on the catheter .

    what to do? to keep the catheter or not?
    thank you

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    If it isn't too big an inconvenience, why not? That is if you are using a leg bag for when you want to get out of the house, of course.

    I started having some skin breakdown problems with my condom caths, ask the doctor to prescribe a couple of foley kits. So far so good.

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    i think you should check with your doctor why you have blood in your pee.

    you will be prone to more infections using a foley indwelling catheter, but imo i is much more convenient than intermittent catheterization, especially if you have limited use of your hands.
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    edley, lola, your right. i had a foley catheter.
    now i'm back on condoms but the urine is red again. from time to time i have headaches when a blood ball trys to get out, but the pain is not so big as it was when i had the foley.

    i'm a c5 and my family can help me with an indwelling cath.

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    A foley can lead to a lot of problems. You need to weigh the risks with the benefits. If you are still passing blood clots, it might be better to keep it in. However, since you took it out, I would recommend that you drink a lot of water and cath more. It sounds as though the bladder is still irritated from the infection, hence the blood.


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