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Thread: Cure for quad belly....finally!

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    Cure for quad belly....finally!

    I have found a way to eliminate the quad belly. They only problem is it is temporary. The cure...... a pool. Yes, I got tired or floating around in my Kelsyus Deluxe Floating Lounger so I got a pair of aquatic ankle weights to put on my ankles and took a small, cheap inflatable pool ring float (33" diameter) and slid it over my head under my arms. I could then float around the pool vertical, for a change, with no pressure points anywhere. For some reason without ankle weights my feet try to float up. The water tries to push your guts up so your stomach is back to normal. I was amazed at how skinny I really am, suddenly my too tight shorts were about to fall off. All I could do is look down to see a caved in stomach for a change.

    btw, I tried my best to come out of the tube, it just was not happening. It is real safe.

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    Lying down on my back also makes it go away My pants are very roomy till I sit up.

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    I agree, but I was amazed at how much the water sucked it all in. Plus its nice not having any pressure points for a change while in the tube.

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    I love getting in the pool because of how skinny I feel
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    The pool is a great place to exercise, too - How do ya'll manage without fear of B&B accidents?

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    swimming is is actually the best way adults to train and lose weight!

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