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Thread: Isoflo on Quadtro Roho

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    Isoflo on Quadtro Roho

    How many people actually use the isoflo on their Roho? Also, is absolutely necessary that you use it?

    The reason I ask is because I never used it on the cushion I had before it got a puncture and never had any problems. After the puncture I had to make use of a straightforward Roho that was probably one of the older type. Almost straight away I started getting problems with my skin. I've now got a new Quadtro and I set it up using the Isoflow and I just can't get it right. I have been in and out of bed for the last month. I'm just wondering if I should do away with the Isoflo and go back to how I used for.I've had an occupational therapist space come and help me set it up, but I don't really have much confidence in her. She had to refer to the manual quite a few times. Now they say you sit in a roho and not on it. how do you set your Roho up, when you get off it,are the pods squashed down slightly?Any comments on this?

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    Have you seen these instructions? There are easy pictures to follow.$File/SELECT_INSTRUCTION.pdf

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    Pods are never squashed, I sit on it rather than in it and have no problems. Never used a gauge to pressure check, go by what works best.
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    When using a quatro I had better luck putting the valve and isoflow towards the back of the cushion and having someone release air and check inflation from behind because it was easier to reach everything.

    Make sure you are sitting straightly and evenly before locking the isoflow to keep the air where you want it. It also makes the cushion more stable.

    After the cushion is locked recheck to make sure that there is still 1/2 inch to just less than 1 inch of air (wiggle room) under the ischial bones.

    When not sitting in the chair the cells are inflated looking but soft to the touch. Everyone’s body is different but if someone with feeling in their bottom sits on your chair and can feel it bottoming out then you probably will too (but still set up using the instructions above while you are in the chair, not someone else).

    People that have sensitive skin, like me, need to sit in the cushion. If it is inflated too much then there will actually be pink or red dots left on my skin from the tips of each cell (or pod). It is also more stable to sit in it and if someone’s hips are not symmetrical then getting in a good posture/position and locking the isoflow can help balance this out somewhat.

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    I have to use that kind of cushion with that locks since I'm using a high profile. Without that, I would be all sorts of wobbly and really crooked. My back is really curved and crooked down low so it throws my hips all off causing my left hip to be much lower than my right one. Whenever we adjust my cushion, we get it set up so that there is roughly an inch of room between my ischiums and anything hard (you do that by sticking your hands underneath the bony parts of your butt and making sure you can stack a couple of them on top of each other before you feel anything hard on the bottom) and then we lost the air in the chambers. I left it open a couple of times on accident and couldn't figure out why my balance was so messed up. I don't use armrests so if I'm tipsy, I fall out of the chair if I fall over so I have to be really careful with the way I'm sitting on the cushion. I quit wearing a seatbelt years ago, I even took it off. I hope this helps.
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    Ditto what rybread said. You should lock the isoflow valve after you are sitting straight with the right amount of air under your bony parts. Readjust the valve if you switch from one chair to another during the day. I love these cushions - couldn't function without them.

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