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Thread: Osteoarthritis in Hips

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    Osteoarthritis in Hips

    Does anyone else have Osteoarthritis? I was diagnosed with a mild to moderate osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease) in my left hip. I also have mild Osteoperosis in my hips. I was having constant pain for a few days then it would go away. I think the pain has put a limit on my range of motion now b/c it hurts for me to bend down in my chair. I have to go sideways and cant pick stuff up from the ground as much as i use to. After the xrays they told me its a chronic pain disease that will unfortunatly never go away and could potentially get worse throughout life. They told me to continue working out, take pain meds when needed, and use hot/or ice packs. They made it seem not at bad which i guess is a good thing??? I am an incomplete so I walk with leg braces & crutches. (not up all day but Im at least up daily) The load bearing is good for the Osteoperosis, fortunatly I dont get the pain while walking, only when im in my chair. Im nervous about this new condition and i havent found any posts of others who have dealt with it and how its going for them now....Anyone out there with it?? Do you get pain if your in certain positions? (and did they tell you if it was from the injury or not? They didnt mention anything to me. Im gonna take a wild guess and say yes it is.)

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    Chelley, I have osteoarthritis my spine...pretty much neck to tail bone. It caused my SCI...calcium deposit broke and damaged my cord. I wish I could give you hope, but honestly, I'm in pain every day. I have neuro-pain from the SCI but also chronic arthritic pain. The difference is obvious to me as the two types of pain feel very different and are located in different places. Epidural steroid injections help a lot with the arthritis pain. I take Gabapentin and Klonapine for the neuro pain. Good luck!
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    The arthritis could be a result of the injury, but more likely may have a familial link to it. The osteoporosis is probably from the injury, but could also have a familial link to it. Either way - the more active you stay, the better off you will be. Certain positions may cause more pain (due to the arthritis) but that is individual and depends on where the arthritis is located...

    Taking nsaid's helps to keep the arthritis pain in check. Also using warm showers/bath's may help to relieve the pain.


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    I have osteoarthritis in my right hip. The same hip I am getting replaced in 2 weeks. I got it from my injury.

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