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Thread: 5 hr trip wish me luck!

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    5 hr trip wish me luck!

    I am finally getting to see my 2 daughters and grandson!

    I have been trying all summer to make this happen. Mostly money problems, but Friday my 10 yr old son and I are renting a car and driving across the mountains to our reunion.

    This will no doubt be very hard for me. I have a problem sitting at the computer for more that 1 hour, then I need to lay down. But I will take my back brace and pull over if I have too.

    My son will benefit so much. He will have his sister's to do activities with him that I can not do. So wish me luck and I am off.

    Without change, there would be no butterflies.

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    Good luck and have a great time!
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    happy for you! Prayers & luck be with you!

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    Have a safe trip!

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    Hi there !

    Have a Happy & Safe trip.

    "Journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step"

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