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Thread: treatment Dr. Huang Hongyun

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    treatment Dr. Huang Hongyun

    Ask your question this and interested

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    new treatment Dr. Huang Hongyun

    Ask your question this and interested

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    I have been looking at this website and find the stem cells treatment interesting there. Someone has been there for surgery?

    Click here for their SCI patients medical data:

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    After reading through the patients data it appears a number have actually lost sensation and or function after their procedures, I also cant see one case of what I would call significant function return.

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    Thumbs up Dr. Hwang and Kao

    6 years ago my son had Hwang'ss surgery (C4-5) and Kao's 7 years ago. He can now move his wrist and knuckles some. He is attending law school now and is semi-independent. With his wrist and knuckles and dragon naturally speaking he can function ok in class and with his home work.

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