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Thread: Going to Neurovita?

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    Going to Neurovita?


    I'm 21 years old and I'm 5 years post-sci... After reading a lot about clinical trials, I send to Neurovita my mri's and a medical report and I receive a positive answer. I want to finish my studies so if I'll go there, it will be in one year. Like that, I have a lot of time to make the right decision.
    I know there a lots of post about this clinic and some are positive and some are not but I got to say that today, I need your advice about it! Do I take a shot with Neurovita?

    Thank you very much, I hope some people who went to Neurovita will answer my request!


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    Hello -M-,

    I dont know if I'm allowed to give you advice for going there or not, I'm 24 C5 10 years post.. To tell you the truth for what I read in their site made me very optimistic, the earlier u take the therapy the better it works .. So I did send my doc. and MRI to them but still no respond .. I'm nearly to take the same decision


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    Yeah, I know that the sooner will be the better and that's why I really want to take the chance because I don't see myself waiting years and years for a cure that may never come...

    When did you send the documents? If I remember well, I received the answer 2 weeks after. Hope you'll have a positive answer!
    Do you know some people that went there?

    Take Care,


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    Quote Originally Posted by -M- View Post
    Do I take a shot with Neurovita?
    no. but it's your choice..

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    Hi -M-,

    Then its still earlier for respond , I send my doc. before 5 days .. I hope so, i'll take a positive respond.
    No I dont know nobody , Its just some post that I read here..
    You know when I suffered accident in 1999 the doctors said that a cure will be 5 to 10 years and I just flied from happiness .. Now its been 10 years and nothing on market.. I know we cant blame doctors , they are doing their job perfect.. Its all politics .. I'm just to afraid to wait 10-15 years for a cure and it may dissapointed us again .. At least if I could benefit juts my arms and live independent I would fly
    Whats your injury level?


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    I'm a T-10 T-11 ASIA A.

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    On one part of their site they claim to use autologous OEG cells like Dr. Lima. In another place they refer to peripheral bolld as the source. I find it disturbing they state: "It is interesting that on average the efficacy of pluripotent cells transplantation alone is approximately equal to the efficacy of intensive physical rehabilitation. These positive effects tend to summarize during the usage of both methods of SCI treatment."

    To me this says this is no better that intense physical therapy unless they have lost something putting it into English. I would ask a lot about the success compared to intensive therapy alone.

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    I think that what you put in red is about the sensation recovery.
    By the way, I will go to Neurovita to speak with the doctors and some patients before considering going there to try the clinical trial.


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    Hi C173s ,

    What kind of intense physical therapy you do? I'm on intense therapy too stating on February , 1.30h Fes Bike (legs) 1 h Fes Bike (arm protocol) 1h PT and also waiting for Treadmill for 1h everyday .
    You think I'm in right track?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ValonOsmani View Post
    Hi C173s ,

    What kind of intense physical therapy you do? I'm on intense therapy too stating on February , 1.30h Fes Bike (legs) 1 h Fes Bike (arm protocol) 1h PT and also waiting for Treadmill for 1h everyday .
    You think I'm in right track?

    Mycomment was really directed at the statement that basically their procedure had only about the same effect as intense therapy. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    I did a lot of work my first five years. Now at 36 years post I use the pool and the Lokomat about 3 times a week. Use dumbells and sometimes pulley weights. I walked everywhere for 28 years then a disc problem at L4 lead me to a lamenictomy/ fusion/ rods screws and slowed my walking. 3 years ago I had a rotator cuff surgery on my good arm from using the crutch for so many years. I use a scooter primarly at this point so the pool and Lokomat are to preserve what I have and hopefully keep dense bones.

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