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Thread: Getting a colostomy for my 31st SCI anniversary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevieP View Post
    I am told that I will have mine higher then most have had here. Mine is going to be on the left side of my stomach halfway between my nipple and belly button. I think this is because I wear my pants above my belly button to cover my fat stomach.
    The higher it is, the looser your stool will be. The colon's job is to absorb water, and the more of it that's bypassed, well... this'll likely be the case.

    IMO, you just wear your pants over top of it if you wear them that high.

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    Mt stoma is below the belt line, I think I would definately prefer to have the bag tucked into my pants, then just under my shirt. I would reconsider that.

    If you wear your pants high to cover your belly, it won;t even be noticeable that way.

    Mine is an ilieostomy, due to damage, and like Scott said, higher up is more liquid and more frequent. It also affects how much nutrients you absorb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelady View Post
    If I go the irrigation route, in theory I should only have to go every other day. That's what we're hoping anyway. My stool is like paste. Cannot get it to form. Tried fiber pills but then it turned to concrete. Yet another reason to try the irrigation method.
    I irrigate every other day, and often everything stays clear... but it depends what I eat. A couple days I had some amazing BBQ & Brunswick Stew that ripped right through me & emptied into my pouch (I wear a small closed 5" one-piece, as a "just-in-case" for times like this). I had to irrigate the next morning (i.e. next day, not skipping one). No big deal, but a little hassle. Totally worth it though.

    Shannon - re: sex, I use these band-aid-looking patches from They don't hold much at all & sit flush, so it helps to be as clear as possible before using one. They're great though.

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    Thanks so much for all the info Steph. Peggy and Stevie, best wishes to you! I think you will both be happy you did it. Scott, thanks for the link. I will give it a try.

    3 pretty major things have happened in the last 24 hours. I will post about them all seperately because I'd hate to write all of it and then lose it.

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    Yesterday I used the toilet to pee. As I was transferring from the toilet back to my chair, I heard what sounded like a small fart, and it sounded like it came from my rectum, not my stoma. I also smelled something. I put my hand under my butt to see if something came out. Something did. I got back on the toilet and on my cushion was wetness and mucuos. I got a glove and checked to see if there was more in there. There wasn't. I've decided that it's probably a good idea to wear some sort of protection from now on, just in case more mucous comes out unexpectedly someday. I think I'll wear a sanitary napkin. That should be enough to absord any liquid or mucous.

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    Intimacy. I'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail on this subject, but I did have my first intimate encounter since I got my colostomy. He knew about it before, and also I had already shown him the appliances and how they worked. I kinda of wanted to keep the bag covered while we were being intimate, but I asked him what he thought and he said that he's curious, he'd see it eventually, and he thought he'd be fine with it. So I let him see it. I didn't take the bag off for him to see the stoma though. I'm not ready for that. There were two small concerns that he expressed to me. 1) He was sad that the wafer covered my belly button. Apparently he liked seeing my belly button. I didn't know. BTW, he and I had dated for about a year and we broke up about 6 months ago but just got back together recently. So he had been with me when I did not have the colostomy. 2) He said he was worried about accidently ripping the bag off. I felt the same. I will try some different things, such as the cover Scott suggested, and I'm sure I'll find something that he and I are both more comfortable with.

    As for him being grossed out by it, it was not a problem. (I made sure the bag was emtpy before. Had there been stool in the bag, it may or may not have been a boner killer.)

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    Blowout. I should start by saying that I ate very poorly yesterday, and on top of that, I had not passed any stool in days.

    I was sound asleep this morning laying in the middle of the bed, on my back. The phone ringing woke me up and without thinking, I sort of rolled onto my stomach in an attempt to reach my phone. When I rolled back onto my back, I realized I had a blowout. I can't be certain, but I think the only reason I had the blowout was because the bag was very full and when I rolled onto it, some of it came out the side of the wafer.

    Yes, it was unpleasant, but it was nothing compared to my blowouts pre-colostomy. Most of it was in the bag and so I was able to clean it up very easily. Also, it was much easier to clean up because I could see it. The old way involved cleaning up my butt, which I couldn't see or easily reach, and then cleaning up the toilet seat and then showering. With the colostomy, I just took the bag off and threw it in the garbage. Then I sat next to the toilet, cleaned up the area around the stoma with some toilet paper, and threw it into the toilet. Then I showered. It was quick and easy, which is very unlike the pre-colostomy blowouts. The blowouts I used to have really depressed me. This time it was just a minor inconvenience. Some stool did get on my pjs, and a little got on my sheets, but I just threw them in the wash.

    I'm not worried about blowouts in the future. If the bag ever fills up like that when I'm awake, I'd be aware of it and I'd be sure to drain the bag or change it before it got too full. Also, I don't believe it would have leaked if I hadn't rolled onto it. And finally, I will try to abstain from going out and eating a deep fried blueberry pie at 1:00am after 3+ days of having no bowel movements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevieP View Post
    This post has been awesome I have had mine sch for Nov 11th and now have a better idea of what to expect. I am told that I will have mine higher then most have had here. Mine is going to be on the left side of my stomach halfway between my nipple and belly button. I think this is because I wear my pants above my belly button to cover my fat stomach.
    My stoma is on the left side and above my belly button. If I don't anticipate any output I can tuck the bottom of the pouch in my pants and it isn't noticeable underneath my shirt. I usually don't let my pouch get that full so when I do have output it still isn't that noticeable. An advantage of having it above your waist line (for me anyway) is that I can easily look at it if I need to. Make sure you get with an ostomy nurse before hand to discuss placement and address any of your concerns. You'll be the one having to live with it not the medical staff.

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    Do you know if you have a temporary colostomy or a permanent one? If it is permanent the surgeon will usually staple then cut off the unused portion of the bowel and there should be no gas in the rectum.
    I have had my permanent colostomy for almost 6 years now. I had a temporary ileostomy for about a year and a half before that. The clamp the surgeon put on started coming loose and allowing stool to pass into my rectum area. Since weakness in my rectal area that prevented me from passing stool without a great effort (even with suppositories) was the reason for my surgery; this was a problem. My electrolytes went wacky and I got very sick and had the colostomy surgery.
    I would suggest keeping a close eye on what you pass rectally and getting a copy of the surgeon's report of your surgery. Did you get approved for the other site yet?

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    Thank you for those band aid cover things. As a para trying to be on top of someone with a bag was difficult. Sometimes I get tired and want to lay down and move a little. My arms can only last so long. That thing was at times in the way, sometimes it even hurt. Thanks for the link.
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