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Thread: Getting a colostomy for my 31st SCI anniversary!

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    pasty stool

    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
    I see. My stool is like paste too. Is that a bad thing or just an annoyance because you have to change the bag so often?

    I hope the irrigation works well for you! Please let us know how it goes.

    (Labs truly are the best! )
    You know, I don't know if it's a bad thing or not, but it certainly is annoying to me. It's way messier (is that a word?) and it seems like if the stool was formed it would not take so long to come out and be done with. As it is now, I'm pooping all night and some in the morning, too. I'm supposed to take Miralax at night but now I am wondering if I even need that. Do you take anything?

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    The usual signs of a blockage are nausea, vomiting, and pain. With mine it was right at the stoma level. I could feel stool trying to push itself out and couldn't. I looked at my stoma through a little hand held mirror and could see some hard stool with loose stool coming out AROUND the blocked bit. I tried to loosen the stool with a q-tip to get it out; no good. So I irrigated and the force of the water when it came out forced it free.

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    BTW if you haven't been able to get registered over there after a couple of days let me know through pm. I know some of the people in charge over there are very busy right now so that might be why you haven't gotten your registration confirmed yet.

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    Thanks again for the info,please post more when you can as many of us are following you.Best of luck from here on out Shannon.

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    Just a few more quick notes. If your stool is formed or paste like you will probably have a hard time draining it. That's why 2 piece systems work well for colostomies. Convatec makes a system called EZ Lock, where you just line the bag up with the flange, turn the bag and it snaps into place. The problem is that the ring is a very hard plastic so for some people it is uncomfortable.
    Convatec also makes mini colostomy bags. They are about 4 inches long and are designed for those intimate moments. I haven't used them but they should be effective.
    Hope this stuff helps.

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    I copied and pasted this from a newsletter I get. Still looking for the food chart. This is in regards to blockages.

    WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF A FOOD BLOCKAGE Via: Sharon Williams, RNET, Metro MD.,& S.NV's Town K It may happen around midnight, that severe cramping sensation coupled with cessation of ostomy flow or watery projectile flow. When the cramps strike, that memory of having consumed some problem food follows soon afterward. What is the appropriate course of action for the ostomate Food blockage is an experience that many ostomates will have at one time or another. The enzymes of the digestive tract cannot digest cellulose or foods with high fiber content. Nuts, corn, popcorn, coconut, celery, Chinese vegetables, fruit pits, and tough cuts of meat are a few foods that may cause blockage problems. Ileostomates who chew their food poorly, eat rapidly, do not drink sufficient liquids or have dental problems will be more prone to have food blockage. When food blockage occurs, a post-op pouch should be applied. The size of the opening should be a little larger than normal because the stoma may swell and with a clear post-op pouch, the action of the stoma may be observed. The next step, if no nausea or vomiting is present is to start forcing liquids ... coke, tea, or whatever liquid produces a rapid peristaltic movement is best. A few crackers may be eaten as a pusher. Sometimes a change in body position, such as assuming a knee chest position, may encourage movement of the bolus of food. Massaging of the abdomen may also produce the same effect. Diarrhea may follow the blockage and it is necessary to replace fluids. Gatorade may be used for replacement of both fluids and essential electrolytes. Cheese, bananas and peanut butter help slow the diarrhea. It is normal to have a sore spot in the abdomen following an episode of blockage. A low residue diet should be followed for one or two days to allow the intestine to rest. If nausea and/or vomiting occurs with the food blockage, it is necessary to go to the emergency room immediately.

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    Ok the chart is hiding from me but I will keep looking. This is a list of foods that increase odors for now.

    Foods That Increase Odors
    brussels sprouts
    some spices

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    Shannon & other contributors.

    Thank you for all the first hand information which you have provided in this post and other colostomy posts. Due to your candor and positive comments I have elected to have a colostomy next week. I hope my procedure is as successful as all of yours have been.


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    This post has been awesome I have had mine sch for Nov 11th and now have a better idea of what to expect. I am told that I will have mine higher then most have had here. Mine is going to be on the left side of my stomach halfway between my nipple and belly button. I think this is because I wear my pants above my belly button to cover my fat stomach.

    Does anyone have the bag on their side?

    Has anyone had it done by Dr Conner in Colorado?

    Is there any difference in any way if the bag is higher or lower?

    Stevie P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
    What do you do? Just have a bag hanging there? Do you worry it might get ripped off accidently?

    Do you cover it so it's less unattractive?

    I haven't been intimate with anyone yet, but I won't be able to say that after tomorrow night.
    Shannon they make plugs that go in and are skin colored. Use this link and navigate to Colostomy > 2 piece > Closed Bag > Use of a plug and then watch the video. I am not sure if you can use this but I think it may make intimacy easer.

    Stevie P

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