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Thread: NFC East '09

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    He improved the Brown's defense, from 31st to 22nd, or something similar. It's the aggressiveness and toughness we need, not so much the intellect

    Who's gonna be your QB next year?
    Quote Originally Posted by graybeard View Post
    This may not be good. That Cleveland D wasnt the greatest. Maybe he can inspire that talent to play, but I got doubts. Hopefully....I am right!

    As for the Redskins....I was hoping for 8-8. Will hope for it again next year.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post

    Who's gonna be your QB next year?
    Not sure God would wanna be behind that line....I guess it will be Rex starting out, till we are out of the playoffs, then the draft pick (Mallet?) will take over. We will be drafting a QB in the first round for sure. Then, I hope a new defensive line. Those old goats were doing their best, but that system jus wasnt for them. If Shanahan is any kind of coach, it will take 3 yrs to get the team to run his offense and defense competitively.

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    The Eagles are running out of coaches to fire. Not sure I agree with the DC's canning with what he had to work with but, we'll see.

    The Packers are in it to win it, which will make me feel a whole lot better about them beating my iggles.
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    Gosh I'm torn between the Steelers and the Jets. I like the Steelers but I've been a fan of the Jets since they were focused on hbo's hard knocks - coach ryan is a hoot and his foot fetish makes him even funnier. Either one is my pick for the SB.

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    My vote is easy for this weekend for the NFC...the Packers (was raised a Packers fan). For the AFC...either one would be good...but I am thinking the Steelers may have a slight edge.
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    i'd like to see green bay and the jets in the SB
    just seems like both of those teams are fighting their butts off
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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    i'd like to see green bay and the jets in the SB
    just seems like both of those teams are fighting their butts off
    I would like to these 2 in the Super Bowl also....but the Steelers are jus beating the crap out of everyone right now. Ben has the edge over Sanchez, though the kid did get it done against the Pats. The Steelers crunched the Ravens offense in the second half. The Pack is rolling, I hope they don't read too much of their press and go flat against...da bears...... I am still not sold on Cutler, but perhaps he is finally playing up to his talent.

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