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Thread: L1 incomplete

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    L1 incomplete

    My injury is not new, I damaged my back when I was 14. I am now 27!!

    But I am new to the forum and chatting to people in the same position as me.

    I don't really know what I did to my back. I was only 14 at the time. I was told it was at T12 and L1 and was what they call incomplete.

    After a long stay in hospital I was left with very few problems really.

    I have good movement but the feeling is not so good. I have numb patches and also patches with pins and needles all the time. Is this common? To have good movement but numb patches and pins and needles?

    I can walk with leg splints and crutches to aid my balance but I do have a wheelchaire (Quickie Argon) for when I need to go out and walk more than a few paces.

    The pain is the most annoying part. I get a horrible ache in my lower back, not a sharp pain more of a stiff ache which wakes me at night. I can't remember the last time I slept through a night.

    I try and avoid pain medication if I can.

    Anyway thats about it really. Don't know what else to put. Look forward to 'chatting' to you all.

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    Hi, Welcome, hope you find the help you're looking for here. Personally, I'd rather be fishing or kayaking (or both) but can't seem to do those things yet, so here I am.

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    We have a lot in common! I am also 27 with a t-12/l-1 inury that is incomplete. I walk with canes and leg braces but use a wheelchair for long distances.

    I don't ever experience back pain, but I do have leg pain quite often. It is always behind my knees and it feels like I am being poked with hot needles or that I am being zapped with electricity. I also try to avoid pain medication but sometimes it is just necessary, especially if I have to sleep through the night because I have to work the next day.

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    You were 14 and don't know what happened?

    You were left with "very few" problems?

    Your profile is blank.

    Excuse me if you're legit -- but this is setting off more red flags in my brain than I can count.
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy View Post
    You were 14 and don't know what happened?

    You were left with "very few" problems?

    Your profile is blank.

    Excuse me if you're legit -- but this is setting off more red flags in my brain than I can count.
    I will fill my profile in after posting this.

    When I say I don't know what happened, I mean I don't know the ins and outs of my injury. I know how it happened, I fell off a trampoline.

    I was treated in a spinal unit for 5 weeks and then I went home to the care of my parents, physio and OT.

    Shortly after my accident my family fell apart and I have not had contact with my parents since I was 16.

    I mean I do not know much about the medical side of my injury. I never needed surgery just had scans and xrays while I was in hospital and another few since I left to check for any scare tissue.

    I have never had any interest in reading my medical file, I am what I am. I cannot change the injury, I would not understand much of my medical notes as I have no interest in medicine.

    Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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    Those darn trampolines!

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    Welcome. Sounds like you are lucky with how incomplete your injury is. Sorry about your family. Hopefully it wasn't because of the injury that your family fell apart.

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    Well Come dear. I am too 29 and with L1 injury.


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