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Thread: I survived...

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    I survived...

    Had the house to myself almost a full week and things went great. In preparation for my moving into my own home I figured this would be a perfect test. Not only was it me but my son as well. Had him for the weekend and had a great time with no big issues.

    Soooo, all in all I think I have prepared myself well enough to know exactly what needs to be done by the aids as well as what I am capable of doing for my son and I.

    Now all I need is to find an accessible house.....what a pain in the ass that has been...
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    Sounds like you made yourself and your son proud passing your test and just spending time with 'just the guys'!

    Good luck on the house hunting!!!
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    Good for you! Avery will be a big help too! Did ya see the pic's I posted in the puppy thread...hope ya don't mind! they were just too cute not to share! hugs, judy

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