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Thread: I think I am going to loose it!

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    I think I am going to loose it!

    My husband and I and a group of friends went to a concert last night. It was at an out door ampitheather and we had general admission tickets. We couldnt find a way for my husband to get to the lawn seating because there were stairs every where. We decided we would sit in the accessible area at the front of the lawn away from our friends. This in its self was a bummer.
    So there was room and a few of our friends and my sister came and hung with us. They didnt sit in any of the seating just stood behind us.
    I sat in a chair next to the spot where my hubby rolled up and then his brother crouched on the other side of him.
    Hubby and his brother went to the bathroom and a young couple jumped the fence and took their spots. I told them my husband is in a wheelchair. They said they would move for him. Then I told them his brothers spot is next to him and they replied to me "can his brother walk?" I told them yes but didnt know what difference that made. They were being jerks!
    So brother in law came back first. He is a big guy and was able to get his spot back. My husband returned, every thing was fine. Bro had to leave early and the couple moved into his spot, crowding my husband. Then they started smoking and dancing. Their asses and stinky cigeretts were in my husbands face. Smoke was blowing on us. I pointed out the smoking area to the girl and she put out her cigerette and rolled her eyes at me. Then her boyfriend came in the middle of us and lit up sharing with her. I pointed out to him where the smoking section is. He was a huge ass and wouldnt put it out. Then he started dancing and shaking his ass in my husbands face. So I got in between them. I told him he wasnt even supposed to be in this section and he should move out. I tried to get the attention of a security person but they couldnt hear me. He replied I would have to yell alot louder than that.
    Now I know this is wrong- but it felt sooooo good. I tried to smash his cigerett in his face. He was stronger than me though so I couldnt. My other brother in law tried to calm me down and the assholes girlfriend was talking "crap" about me to my sister. Now I was pissed, my sister is supposed to be on my side and not listen to her crap!
    I am loosing it! I wanted to rip that guys head off and I think I could have done it! I still am so angry! They have the whole mountain to sit on and we have this small section that is the only place we could be. We have to deal with so much shit and then they come and try to take that away to. Everything is so hard, I am so p@$%&*!
    Then everyone acted like I was wrong. What the hell! I am not going to let some little punk shake his ass and flick his cigerette on my husband!
    We have tickets to another concert at the end of the month and I dont know if I can go. I know it will happen again! When we got there the wc section had not filled up and people were hopping the fence to sit in the chairs. I saw another guy come in his wc and the seats for his friends were taken by people that hopped the fence.
    What am I supposed to do?
    O ya and when we were in the bar line after we got our drink, my husbands had extra ice, or something, I dont know why but this stupid women came up to him and said "what you got the special drink, do they feel sorry for you or something?"
    I dont know how I am going to stop myself from punching someone. It is coming, I can feel it!

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    sorry to hear that but some ppl dont have no respect i hunt and fish and we have a handicap ramp were i fish but seems like nobody wants to fish anywere else.. but i was fishn there one day and these ppl came and were casting over my line and shit and my mom got so pissed so i just left before she got to mad lol

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    1. Call the venue and complain.

    2. Go to the next one, but go early and discuss it w/ security.

    3. Take a mister. Squirt the cigarettes.

    4. Go to the next one. We don't let assholes win. Let them SEE you discuss w/ security.

    Why did everyone else let all this go on? No offense, but are you sure you aren't being hyper-sensitive? Your husband can't defend himself? One wheel over one toe tends to back them up. His bro, your sis not jumping on your side make me wonder also...

    I'd be cutting fishing line also LOL. Or burning it w/ cigarettes. Is there no law enforcement at the fishing place?

    Ppl have to defend themselves, especially in wheelchairs. Before I quit Walmart I'd embarrass the ones that jumped in front of me. Concerts are a bit survival of the fittest...I do my best to be the most fit! But sometimes honey works better thsn vinegar.
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    carry a stun gun
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    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    I tried honey and it didnt work. When his brother was there he did help me but then he left early and they were back. My husband is passive he wouldnt say anything but he told me he didnt like what they were doing. I think we have to stand up for ourselves. I am very protective of my family, my husband would have rather just been run out and left early but I dont think that is right.
    My other brother in law is passive too. I asked him to stand on the other side of my hubby to block them from invading his space but he just stood behind him and did nothing.
    My husband is the lover and I am the fighter in our relationship. But he did say that he is happy I am his "bull dog."

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    He's lucky to have you. It sucks that you don't have more backup. I think he may find that passive + wheelchairs don't mix. Thnx for not taking offense.

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    You have a lawsuit on your hands. Contact a disabled rights lawyer in your area. You want things to change sue these people. The only way things will change is if they feel it in their pockets...

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    Newbee - I have at least 10 similar stories.... and I'm the bull dog around here too. It really depends on my mood as to how far to push it. But Chad's chair is enormous, so he will sometimes OOOOOPS lose control of it and bump into the offending person. Ooooops. That usually helps get them moving out of our way.

    I have fantasties where I murder people like that with my bare hands. I really do.

    It just sucks and I'm sorry it happened to you.
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    This is where we would follow them home.

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    next time take a quualude before going and enjoy the show
    We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
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