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    Toviaz Anyone

    I have been taking Toviaz in my never ending quest to find a bladder spasm drug that really does work for me. I have been taking the 8mg extended release tablets for about a month now and really have not noticed a major change as far as urgency and holding capacity goes. I know your not suppose to self medicate but about a week ago I decided to take a second tablet around mid day as we were going out on the pontoon and I hate having to cath while I am rocking and rolling with the waves. Well low and behold did I not have to cath while on the boat but I did not have to cath for well beyond my normal time of every two to three hours. Long story short I have continued to take two tablets a day and as such I have noticed a increase in my holding capacity as prior to taking the second tablet I would void approximately 200 cc now I am able to hold upwards of 16 ounces without leaking or having that constant urgency to pee. Is there anyone else who is trying Toviaz? and if so are you adhearing to the one tablet a day dose or have you done like I have and gone to a second tablet a day? I am looking for something to take back to my Urologist so that he will double my dose.



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    I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor before you continue down this road. I am not sure of the side effects that may be potentiated by increasing the dose. I am sure that the fact that you are holding more and not having any urgency is a good thing - and I would be sure to emphasize that to your physician.

    Also, make sure that you are emptying and not going too long in between cath's. More than 6 hours is usually too long to go!


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