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Thread: getting married 8/8/09

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    i'm finally getting married this saturday august 8th and will celebrate my 50th birthday the same day. i met my fiancee about 7 years ago and she has been a wonderful blessing. for anybody in a wheelchair or disabled don't give up on hope of finding the right person. when i first got hurt and divorced i didn't think i would find a woman that would be crazy about me and so unaffected by the w/c or the injury, but there are women out there that see you for who you are!

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    That's Great Congratulation

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    Amen, We celebrated our 10 year in May, my first marriage at age 52 and everything is great. The best of luck!
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    Congratulations on both your marriage and your birthday!!!

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    Congrats on finding love again!

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    Congrats! My fiance and I will be getting married a month from today...and I understand what you mean! May you both have a lifetime of happiness and love!
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    Awesome Congrats!

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