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Thread: Farmers Alminac Prunes lol

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    Farmers Alminac Prunes lol

    Hi everybody
    I was wondering ok heres the question !

    Do any of you use prune juice in a bowel regimine ?
    I do and it really does it's thing lmao Just the timing has to be on the schedule .

    Sometimes ok Today I had 1/2 cup of it and a swig of Coke Cola will work Wonders ''''

    Personally It seems more benneficial for me using this old fashioned remedy our Grandparents used in the past .....

    Fessing up I dont like the taste of Castor ouil but I also use that once in a while ..... Now I am showing my True old Age lmao .... Gotta have a sense of humor to write a post on this ...

    Do any of you out there use Prune Juice ?
    Sincerely ;
    Farmers Almanac

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    they call it plum juice now, it's lighter.
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    Hi Everyone
    This post written from my bowel instincts made me realize that Old Remidies like this Prune Juice may be too overwhelming and eroneous with so little replies .
    Personally Fig bars and my daily 1/2 glass of mighty ol Prune Juice works lol

    If Pat Sajec asked me On wheel of fortune My reply would be I'd like to buy a Bowel ! Rofl

    Till later notice / progress on this old regimine I'll elaborate later on .
    Sincerely ;
    Goofy ol Gypsylady

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    Today's Glossary of almanac is the fact ;
    I mixed 1/2 cup of Splash and 1/4 cup of prune juice and it did wonders . BTW Tasted Great
    After 1 hour of ingesting this Drink The stuff immediately worked and boy thats a load off my mind ....

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