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Thread: living with one kidney?

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    thank you everybody for your wide and varied feedback, it is really appreciated and I'm feeling quite reassured that if the kidney has to come out I will do okay!

    They have done various tests today to see what is going on and it appears to be that a blockage is forcing the urine to come out of my lithotripsy surgery site on the right-hand side of my back rather than drain down through my ureta into my bladder (I think I got all that right)
    this is the second time it has happened and in between I have been suffering from a lot of uti's, the only time I felt relief was when I had a stent in the ureta helping urine drain from my kidney down into my bladder more freely.

    over the last three years I have probably spent more than half of it feeling unwell due to the problematic kidney, hence the consideration for removal!

    once again, I thank you all and I do feel a lot better and prepared if it has to be done and that is thanks to all of you!

    Please keep sharing in case this is helpful to anybody else going through a similar situation and I plan to continue doing so myself!


    PS it does seem like a lot of water, but I just keep my "big gulp" next to me at all times and I get through it easily... and crystal light keeps it interesting...
    ¡ Más Vale Cholo - Que Mal Acompañado !

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    Hi delbarto,

    I have a c1-c2 SCI and I also had one kidney removed a couple of years ago. It didn't make a difference in my life. However, history repeated itself and I lost a second kidney. I'm 5 years on dialysis now waiting for a transplant. I'm convinced that losing one kidney does not necessarily result in dialysis but it's just a fact that you don't have a backup kidney anymore if the same happens with your second kidney (which could be a reality with SCI and uncontrollable bladder and kidney problems).

    Good luck!


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    I had my right kidney removed about six weeks ago. Apparently I got a stone stuck somewhere which virtually killed my kidney.

    I think it started last October when I ended up in intensive care with sepsis. I came within a hair's whisper of dying but luckily pulled through. It was then found that I was suffering from kidney stones. They removed a large stone to my left kidney and that seems okay now. But the right one was fattys leg.

    This has been a really awful period of my life. I was very silly, I didn't go and get my kidneys checked for quite a few years. You are at a higher risk of developing stones when you suffer from a spinal injured,get yourself checked at least once a year.

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    I had my left kidney removed on June 1st. They found cancer with a ct scan and I'm lucky it was contained in the kidny.

    I don't notice any difference. I wish you a short recovery time. Good luck.

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    You really shouldn't notice any difference with one or two kidney's .... As long as you remain vigilant about your renal care, you should do well.

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    Well it is now October 2014 and I would just like to confirm, all is good, better even, between the surgery and the suprapubic catheters I hardly ever have any UTI's, may be about once a year now instead of every three months, apparently the kidney has enlarged to compensate for the extra workload but produces urine without a problem,

    I have my regular checkups to make sure all is good, I get in touch with my urologist at the moment there are signs of any problems, which really there is not except for the yearly UTI

    I would like to thank everybody for responding and reassuring me, and I do apologise for taking so long in giving any feedback
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    I am a T 6 with only 1 kidney and also doing fine. We just monitor function every 3 months other than that everything is the same.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009

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    I have just one kidney so need to take care of it. Dialysis is not fun.

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    So glad to hear that you are doing well. Many people live life with only one kidney. The key is to take care of it. Monitorin it's function and making sure that you drink enough is certainly a good way to head off trouble.

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    God damn, they can have all my organs if I don't have to stick around so long.

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