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Thread: Hip replacement surgery

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    Hip replacement surgery

    I have right hip replacement surgery scheduled for August 24. I was curious if anyone has had this. I am guessing I disclocated my right hip over a year ago during therapy. I am a T-9 complete asia A. However with kafos and a walker I was walking up to 60 or so feet. The mri revealed that I tore my labrum thus dislocating my right hip. I am now getting surgery to get a metal hip and joint put in. I am nervous about the surgery as I do not know if I will have to be bed-ridden for an extended period of time. I still have to meet with the doctors before the surgery to discuss some things. So I am assuming they will tell me there. But if anyone has had hip replacement surgery I would like to know how long you were in the hospital for and how long were you bedridden for and if you had to get physical therapy.


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    You're gonna be bed ridden for sure. I would say about 6-8 weeks maybe a couple of weeks longer, depending how soon the doctor gives you the ok to put weight on it.

    Rough stuff mang. Being bed ridden until Nov would make me crazy.

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    Yea another one of the many fucken "GIFTS" from sci.

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    Well I have a dislocated hip as well, as a result of high hip flexor and adductor tone on my left side.

    The first hip ortho that I saw said that a hip replacement simply wouldn't work because the muscles that caused the dislocation in the first place would do the same to the replacement.

    I have two more appointments in the coming week to get a couple more opinions.


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    My left hip is also dislocating. I was L1/L4 incomplete and I had a long kafos to the left and a small ankle brace to the right. I was walking with kafos everyday and that's what cause the problem. They tell us that is good to walk with these things but having no muscles tones in that area cause the hip to dislocate after a while. Now I'm a T9 Complete after a surgery at Craig Hospital in Colorado and since I don't use kafos anymore and I don't see the need to have hip surgery.

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