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Thread: CES - would exercise make it better or worse

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    Question CES - would exercise make it better or worse

    I'm also in the 'new sci' thread because of a back injury, (not sure if I belong there or here) but PCP saiys I have CES now & I'm wondering if exercise would help or just add to my problems - have bad disks too form an injury in April. Hurts like hell to walk, but will do whatever helps - advice?
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    Lightbulb decided to hold off

    I've got a referral to an ortho-neuro specialist (the best in Tacoma), and the surgeons are reviewing my 'case' to see if they should see me sooner than this fall I'm concerned about that, but the receptionist said they'd be calling today or tomorrow with an appointment. o - k how's that going to help if things are getting worse as the days go by? If they can't (won't) fit me in before fall, I'll check around with some other surgeons - I still have my CD of the last MRI & can easily get the films. I'm not waiting around until it get even worse than it already has! Still haven't heard from the VA.

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    Red face Silly me

    Silly me - everytime I walk I'm exercising! It's getting more difficult to walk very far by the day, but use it or lose it, right?
    Tried to do pushups but couldn't - back pain had me in tears - tried sit ups - same thing - almost did one of each, though.
    Guess I answered my own question.

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    spent 4 hours 'walking' with my forearm crutches - shopping with my youngest - yesterday, really wore myself out, but today I don't feel as bad as I have been. Guess exercise helps.

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    The longer I'm up - walking - the worse I seem to get - now I'm only up when I need to be because of pain, weakness & numbness. What kind of exercises could I do to help?

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    Never mind, it doesn't really matter.

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    Sorry for my cluelessness. What is CES?

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    Cauda Equina Syndrom. The nerve bundle is pinched - kind of a permenant really bad siatica

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    Sorry, that sucks. Can they ablate the nerves and give you some relief

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    I have no idea, but waiting to see the ortho neuro guy - I also fell again last Thursday, and the two buldging disks at L4-5 L5-S1 have ruptured, so there's no 'exercising' for me - ROM is about it, except for hobbling on my crutches or with my walker right now.

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