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Thread: how do you know.....

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    how do you know.....

    late sat afternoon i was stretching my legs and heard a pop in my hip. but it felt fine and i went out and met some people for an hour and a half. then today i have been getting more muscle spasms in that leg. could i have popped it out?? how would i know?? i also have artificial hips to so is it even possible to pop those out?? thanks

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    Hey did you have hip replacement surgery? I have it scheduled for the end of August just wondering if you had it done? But to answer your post. Your hip might be dislocated I got increased spasms in my leg after dislocating it

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    At least some of the artificial hip can pop out. However, that popping sound could also be a fracture. I heard that once when a PT was doing ROM on the patient next to me. The PT knew what he did, and it wa s confirmed with-rays. I would get this checked out because you could be causing further damage if that is the case.
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    You should get it checked out. I don't think that you can fracture the hip replacement - but you could fracture where the replacement connects to your femur. It could be dislocated. Or it could be nothing, but I would think that it is better to get it checked out.


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    arod yes i did have hip replacement surgery several years ago before my sci. i do have increased spasms but they are not going ALL the time. i also think i popped it back in and i think it's better. i have pt tomorrow so i'll see what happens there when she goes to stetch me.

    scifor55yrs i'm pretty sure it was the ball and socket area that i heard it.

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    As SCI Nurse suggest's, get it checked out. Bone density and SCI change with time.
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    well today i had pt and asked my pt what she thought. she said because it's been so long since my hips have been replaced that they are very solid and it would take something VERY forceful to pop it out. also she said my legs are the same length still and she was able to still do range of motion. so i guess i'm not going to worry about it.

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