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Thread: Varilite cushion

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    Varilite cushion

    Has anyone used those Varilite cushions for their wheelchairs? My case worked from the state is trying to get me one of these, saying that it would be lighter and possibly more comfortable than the Jay cushion I have been using. According to the medical supplier who called me to make arrangements on measuring and stuff, they have some sort of memory foam and air to them.
    If anyone has one and has any comments about it, let me know. Thanks!

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    I was ordered the varilite out of the hospital, and as far as I'm concerned it's the cats meow. It just got a leak at 20 months and ordered another one, the first i beleive is covered by warranty til 2 yr. I'm in my chair 16-18 hrs a day and have had no problems.

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    There are a lot of different models, so it would make a difference. But I was not satisfied at all w/ the Varilite Evolution I was given with my first chair. I was pressure ma[[ed on it, and failed horrible. A lot of high pressure spots.
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    I got one but I prefer my Roho. The varilite feels harder and my posture sucks on it.

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    Over the past 13 years I went from a Roho > Jay > Varilite and prefer the Varilite hands down. They are light weight and comfortable, at least the model I use, which is Pro Form I think.

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