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Thread: ? for those with colostomy/ileostomy

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    ? for those with colostomy/ileostomy

    hi from a longtime lurker!

    I have developed some bowel problems lately, so I am considering getting an elective colostomy.

    I have read through the other colostomy posts, but some are quite old.

    I would like to know, if you would get one in my situation?
    - I am paralyzed (from ALS) from the neck down...I have enough triceps on the R to steer my PWC, but that's it.
    - I have my attendant for 1.5 hrs in am, 1 hr in pm and I would like to keep it that way..I don't really need anybody during the day..I have access to more hrs if necessary, but I'd rather not yet. I like to come and go on my own schedule. Yes,I know, I'm stubborn that way.
    - Once I'm in the chair, I don't bend or twist, so the skin won't fold or stretch around the stoma

    In your situation, considering how YOUR ostomy works right now, would you be comfortable going out all day-on your own-, if you knew you couldn't fix a leak or burp the bag while being out?

    If yes, what system do you use? Do you irrigate?How often? How long does it take?

    I'm thinking closed pouch. I don't mind wearing a belt to keep it secure


    I'm also posting this on a couple ostomy boards
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    I have an ilieostomy, due to other issues immediately post sci, and mine needs attention during the day. Because it is higher up in the intestines I understand.

    A colostomy would be lower, and less active I believe. The bags I use have a filter in them, so I seldom need to let gas out. But I do need to empty mine during the day.
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