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Thread: Pain in my armpit .. how worried should I be?

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    Pain in my armpit .. how worried should I be?

    This is the second night of having this crazy pain in my
    left armpit.
    It's as though someone has kicked me in the armpit, but
    only while I am lying down. Everything else is fine.

    Anyone have a clue?


    T-4 incomplete. 02/13/2008

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    Is there any change in the skin such as redness, swelling that might be the start of folliculitis(infection of a hair follicle) or a boil? This is a common location for this.

    You don't mention your level of injury or function. Can you relate any increased
    motion or exercise with your upper arm that would have caused this, overuse of wheelchair motions? bed trapeze use? Does applying heat to the area and rest help it?
    If this pain continues I would see your clinician.


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