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Thread: Handicap parking

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    KUDOS ! You got your parking spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin View Post

    Seriously though, she was showing at 4 months?
    She had the audacity to lean back and stick out her little belly bump to emphasize the fact she was pregnant!
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
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    Why aren't there more spots at doctors, hospitals, etc. the wheelchair seating clinic has two handicapped spots. Next door is a bike shop. They have about 25 little motorcycles spots marked in the same lot. They share the lot. At least the motorcycles aren't parking in the crosshatch this way.
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    It does make you wonder about those that "plan" the parking at hospitals,etc, where you would most likely expect more handicap spaces. At my local hospital they spent millions on new additions including a multi-level parking garage, which I hear has many handicap spots. However, the clearence to enter the garage is 6'10 and I need over 7 ft clearence on my raised roof van. I usually park across the street, outside, if I am lucky enough to find a spot.

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    When I was still able to drive....normally I would park in a handicap van parking space with the extra space on the driver's side and pull my wheelchair out of the side of the van behind my seat while I held on for dear life. (I have a handicap placard). I went to the HyVee store that used to have lots of close handicap spaces. Much to my dismay I pulled up...there were NO spots available because the closest two in every row had been changed to "expectant mothers" spaces! So I pulled in one of those. As I was struggling to open the side van door to get my wheelchair out a woman that had to have been 9 months pregnant said to me "you don't look pregnant to me!" I said "in a month you won't be pregnant either but I'll still be in a wheelchair!" My bad?
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    Good Job! I don't know how many times my grandmother yelled at people who would park in the "van access only" handicapped spots, because we had a side ramp and couldn't lower it in the regular handicapped spots easily.
    They had on the news last year a story about people using their deceased relatives or spouses handicapped hanger to get better parking near a local hospital. They even busted 2 ladies on camera who worked at the hospital and were not handicapped at all. Their hangers were for deceased relatives and they were still using them. Their only excuse was that they hated parking so far away from the hospital and then walking back to their car in bad weather after work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcblarsen View Post
    They had a tag, but it appeard the handicap person stayed in the car while the able bodied person went in.
    In MN. the person that needs the tag cannot be sitting in the vehicle while being parked, a person waiting in the vehicle could be AB.
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    I just did this the other night too. A saw a white beamer cruise into an HP spot that I was aiming for. Checked the plates and looked for a tag, and she had neither. I came up right next to her door (she literally could not have opened it without banging my van) and asked her is she realized she was in handicapped parking. I told her I needed it. She just gave me a stupid looking smile in lieu of an answer, but moved to another spot. Turns out she was picking up take out food, and we all know how convienent HP spots are for that sort of thing..........

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    had a good laugh in brisbane one day when i seen a smart youg lad park his skyline rice burner in a disable park, he wasnt so smart when i came out of the shops an seen a van with d/p sticker parked up his arse an the young lad going off his nut about it. i roled past an said good day an keept going, smart idea i thought.

    people look at my ute pull into d/p spots ''its not a city ute'' they shake there heads untill my chair comes out of the back. i have even had a secerty officer tell me to move u cant park here, i reply with ''yes i can'' an flash my card, he said sorry sir about 5 times lol im like ''its ok bud'' although my ute does look suss.

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    A good way i brought it up to someone the other day was asked them if they forgot their handicap tag before they get away from the car...i don't assume they don't have one even if it's obvious. Then when they look confused and say, "oh i didn't realize i parked in handicap" you don't have to deal with attitude from them being defensive when you call them out.
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