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Thread: Update on parking issue.

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    Cool Update on parking issue.

    I could not find the original post where I was making a comment about the recent parking tickets I received in NYC back in may of this year.

    Just to update you two of the three tickets, I am awaiting news on the third, were dismissed.

    I was given a $65.00 ticket for parking without a paper from the muni-meter. I have a permit that releases may from paying at a parking meter that was fully displayed.
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    Whoo-hoo,good luck on the 3rd one too!

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    Best to you on fighting the third and final ticket. Sounds like the ticket writer was in too big of a hurry to check and see if you were legally or illegally parked.

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    Thanks for the update, you posted some a while back on a thread I started. Glad to hear you beat them and hope the third one will be dismissed as well. There are a lot of ticket happy cops out there because of the economy, it's easy money for the city and keeps their quota up. I have seen people with suits on walk away scottfree as a ticket is being written for their illegal parking but no, they have to keep picking on us pee-on's. Like they say, money talks - bs walks! GO GET EM
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    with nyc parking enforcement hey will still write tickets if they see the permit, the quota system is set up that defective tickets are not remove from their daily bogy numbers, hense thye always right bogus tickets to make their number for the day.
    i just got a ticket on a vehicle whose plate i had turned in about 8 years ago.
    i am sure the ticker agent pulled the numbers out of a old book,
    or just made up should be made that a thrown out ticket =double trouble for the traffic agent
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