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Thread: Severe pain in my butt from sitting, need advise

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    Severe pain in my butt from sitting, need advise

    The problem Im having is severe pain in my buttocks, I guess its from sitting all the time. Its crazy because Im not supposed to feel anything from the waist down, but thats not the case. I have feeling in my legs in certain parts, like as I would feel if my hand fell asleep or something. But thats not my convo topic today. The pain I feel is just a blatent throbbing pain. Ive been hurt for 2 years now and no it isnt a pressure sore. Ive never had one, knock on wood. Im on neurotin and that doesnt help at all. I take vicodan es and that doesnt seem to help at all also. Does anyone know what I can do to stop the pain? Is there anything I can get prescribed? Its so bad at night I have to sleep on my stomach because my thighs and hips have been starting to ache as well. Any advise?

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    I have experienced great relief from pressure sores & sitting discomfort by using an alternating pressure cushion *under* my Stimulite Classic. (about $170 from I have NO financial interest in this company. A reasonably handy person can tap into the electrical system of most power chairs to install a 12 volt cigarette lighter.
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    Thank you Goat.

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    are you taking neurontin, han?
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    I have heard this buttocks pain feeling quite a lot and it sounds as if you have an incomplete injury, so this would make sense. While a good comfortable cushion is mandatory, I have seen people get great relief with gabapentin (as mentioned above).
    This type of pain is usually nerve pain (burning, firey sensation) that responds to this medication.


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    Yes, I do take neurotin, 600 mgs 3 times a day. Sometimes I take more than that in hopes of making it stop but the only thing that helps is me getting completely off my butt and laying on my stomach. Should I get on a higher dose of it?

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    Is this something that has just started or has it been going on for awhile? The reason I'm asking is that my son (a few yrs. ago) started complaining about severe pain in his butt. It turned out to be a pilonidal abcess/cyst. Once the cyst was treated, he has been fine. He still feels aches and pains, but nothing like he had with the cyst.

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    Try gettin off your ass some!!
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    Thank you, sir! May I have another?

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    That is a relatively moderate dose of Neurontin, Han. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about prescribing a higher dose to see if it helps.
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