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Thread: Handcycle Rack. Buyer's Remorse

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    Handcycle Rack. Buyer's Remorse

    A few months ago I bought the hitch rider trike & bike was pretty much the only dual bike/trike rack on the market...

    then a month later (where I bought my bike and most parts along the way) came out with their own version...

    The hitch rider is sturdy, but heavy, wider, and more expensive than the bike-on version.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried the bike-on version to review its performance.
    I am considering trying to sell my hitchrider rack and switch to the bike-on rack for the lighter weight and narrower profile. Or should I just be content with what I bought since it does what I want it to do?

    if nothing else, at least you all know of two options for carrying your handcycle. My wife misses my ramp van. She has to lift the rack into the hitch.

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    Bikeon rack sucks. It's flimsy and the bike leans over when your going 50 miles an hr. Basically waste 400 dollars on that piece of shit. Sold it on the classifieds

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