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Thread: spinlife and ins

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    spinlife and ins

    ok, spinlife doesnt do ins. they help u get reimbursed, which is kinda hoopdy, thats easy. But you pay up front. just fyi rep
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    i got a shower chair through spinlife and they exepted my work comp insurance
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    ok, spinlife doesnt do ins. they help u get reimbursed, which is kinda hoopdy, thats easy. But you pay up front. just fyi
    I don't think Spinlife is any different than Sportaid in that regard. Remember, one of the reasons that Internet dealers (some of them anyway) offer discounted prices is because they don't have the administrative overhead as other DMEs that have to process a lot more paperwork.

    I would think this would appeal to a do-it-yourself guy like you, John.

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    SpinLife was a nightmare when it came to trying to get Medicare to pay for a new chair.

    It started with what Fuentes posted about. Although the SpinLife web site says they will accept direct payment from Medicare, that's no longer their policy. I only found out they expected payment in full three weeks after placing my order for a new chair.

    SpinLife was horrible when it came to keeping me informed about what info they needed to get Medicare to cover the chair. After I placed my order, they sent me an email packet that included the Medicare certificate of need for my doctor to complete. According to the instructions in that email, they only needed two things from my doctor: that completed form and a prescription for a power chair.

    What SpinLife never bothered to tell me was that they also required a copy of my doctor's chart notes from the day she completed the form, and that all of this documentation had to be submitted within 30 days of the date on the completed form. I just happened to find this out when I called SpinLife about a totally unrelated issue three and a half weeks after submitting the completed form and prescription. Of course by that time, it was too late to get the missing information to them within the 30 days deadline, so I was informed by SpinLife that I would have to start the whole process over again by getting my doctor to write another prescription, fill out another certificate of need form, etc.

    When I asked them why they didn't notify me that they needed the chart notes and other info from my doctor before the 30 day deadline expired, I was tersely told that "SpinLife assists with Medicare reimbursement as a courtesy, and that they were not required to do anything at all et me know what was going on because it was a 'courtesy' service." Well that's total BS -- the only way to get Medicare to pay for DME is to have the vendor do the billing, submit the paperwork, etc. Medicare will not accept requests for reimbursement from individuals, so that makes the vendor's participation in the reimbursement process a necessity and not just something nice they do for their customers.

    Believe it or not, that wasn't even the worst of it all. The real kicker was the fact that even though I paid SpinLife in full for the chair (I charged the $4k to a credit card), they refused to send the new chair to me until Medicare had approved or denied my request for reimbursement which, SpinLife seemed quite happy to tell me, could take up to a year.

    EXCUSE ME?? SpinLife received payment in full -- the only thing Medicare was to decide was about reimbursing me for that payment. Yet even though SpinLife had their money and was at no financial risk whatsoever (even if Medicare denied) my claim, they refuse to ship me the chair I paid until Medicare makes its determination. How is it legal for them to accept and keep my $4k for up to a year without sending me the item I paid for in full?

    I got jerked around by them like this for five months before I finally cancelled the order and gave up. I will never buy from them again.
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