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Thread: suprapubic catheter

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    Angry suprapubic catheter

    My son, 19 years old, had a superpubic cath placed approximately 8 weeks ago and has recently had it changed out. We have had bouts of it not draining with the first cath and the second cath. I tried to flush it and it does flush, but I can't pull back on the syringe at all. Could this be a positioning thing or something else.

    After he had the first cath, I went back the the urologist because of it not draining and he said it was against the bladder wall and basically gave no advice or anything except that he could not change it out yet because it had to heal. Well, since the first visit it worked on and off. Last week my son had it changed out because it had been 8 weeks since his surgery. It drained right after they changed it, but the very next day it stopped completely. I tried irrigated in. I could push the saline in, but could not draw back on it at all.

    We're getting so flustrated with all of this. When it does work, it solves my son's problems of wetting and having to change clothes multiple times. I plan on going back to the urologist, but was wanting some advice from some patients with experience with this.

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    Hello I am a home health nurse may I ask what surgery your son had? And the uroligist is correct if u can flush it but not get any return it is up against a wall..most likley i might say it could also be due to edema thats why i ask what surgery he had? If it is against a wall all u have to do is deflate the balloon holding cath in place and pull back just a little u may not see urine draing right away but inflate balloon with saline that u deflated with and check for urine return only after balloon is inflated if no return and u can still flush wait to see if any urine collects in the bag. Does he have home health services??? I am not on here as a proffessional I am actually looking for answers myself so this is only a recomendation if u are not sure how to complete this home health services are needed they can come and change cath and teach u in ur home to care for same. Also is urine leaking around cath wetting him or his bed. Again I stress this is information only and if u are not sure and have not been taught how to do that by a nurse or physician please dont attempt until u are shown how to complet I hope I have helped some

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    Josh has spina bifida. He had suprapubic cath done 8 weeks ago. This was the only surgery. He has this done because of neurogenic bladder. In and out caths has not worked to keep him dry, so we are trying the suprapubic cath. Yes, it has given him good results when it does work. I'm kinda disappointed with by urologist because I felt I needed some training, but received none. What you said makes sense. He does not have a home health nurse and the doctor didn't mention it. I guess assumed I wouldn't be experiencing these problems so I didn't think I needed one. I emailed him tonight to see what we can do about it. Oh yea, forgot to mention that he does not leak around the cath site.

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    I agree that the sp tube can be against the bladder wall and not drain properly. It sounds like you could use some support on the sp tube issue and I agree that a home health nurse could provide help. Please check whether this is covered on your insurance. Otherwise, most urologists have a nurse (or advanced practice nurse) wrking iwth them that can provide this teaching. Make sure you return demonstrate the technique a few times so you can feel confidence as well.


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    welcome to carecure! I too care for my son and had the same issues you are facing...I found that if I move positions several times that eventually we can get the flow going...especially when trying to irrigate and it is difficult to push, I'll move him from one side to the other, put him on his back...raise the back of the bed...sooner or later I can irrigate with ease...the sp was a very good decision...knock on wood, it has been over 2 years without a uti...good luck...we do have a nurse that changes it...I know many who have family or a caregiver do it, but I refused...I can if there is an emergency...but as far as I'm concerned it is a skilled procedure...

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    I had a SP for about 20 years, before going with externals now. They can be a real pain at times. I'm going to assume it's a 10cc balloon - if so just try inflating it with 5cc. That's enough to keep it from getting pulled out but it will give a little more room inside. I eventually just went with 6cc every time as w/10cc it would impair flow.

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