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Thread: constipation..........

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    Its not the most glamorous of topics but I can not go to the bathroom to save my life. Its been well over a week. Sometimes it even is two weeks.

    I have tried: magnesium citrate, high fiber diet, mucho water intake and even acupuncture.

    NOTHING works. I am so bloated. What do you do when even the recipe that the ER gives you doesn't work?

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    I just went through all of that myself. What worked for me was the Miralax after 3 doses things took care of themselves. Before that I had tried supps, enemas, and laxative. Miralx worked for me.

    In fact I was going to ask if anyone knows if u can take Miralax once every few days to keep things moving or if I shouls opt for a diff stool softner?

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    If all home remedies have failed, it's time to go to the ER (maybe a bowel impaction).

    If this is a chronic problem, you might consider regular daily doses of Miralax. It's worked pretty well for me.

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    I agree with the above. Are you vomitting or nauseated? If so, you may need an abdominal xray to rule out a bowel obstruction.
    Sounds alike you need a good cleaning out (eg,miralax or citrate of magnesium repeated x2). Then you have to stay on top of this with the goal of bowel program every 2 days, fluids, bran,etc. I don't advise waiting 1-2 weeks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanjmac View Post
    What do you do when even the recipe that the ER gives you doesn't work?
    what was the er recipe?
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    Cool Had similar 4 days

    Mag. Citrate and forced fluids did it. Best preventions FLUIDS!!! AND GREEN VEGGIES!
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    Yep had the same thing. Did all the protocols,went to hosp three times and put in. Finally they figured out that the lower rectum muscle had quit functioning. Had a colostomy, literally saved my life. Now no problems, dang I have so much time without worrying about if I am going to go or not, that I had to get a hobby lol.

    Hope you feel better. I know tht bloated feeling, get help now.

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    you should try a large dose of lactulose. that's what they gave me in the hospital when i spent 1 week there because of having my whole large intestine full of stool.
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    Try 'FABOLITE', a natural laxative with absolutely no side effects from 'Piramal Healthcare', with sufficient water. Less water will constipate you further, instead.

    Sure result. I have no commercial interest in this.

    I vouch for its efficacy. Try and post your reply here. Bye.

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    I stopped taking laxatives and stool softeners, was great for a month then started to get constipated. Went once every 5-7 days, changed my diet, stopped eating heavy foods like pizza or drink soda. Eat Activia yogurt for 2-3 weeks plus high fiber diet, fruits, vegetables, limit sweets and lots of water. Also any kind of movement like crawling or pushing your chair down the street helps. Now i have bowels every 2-3 days with no softeners or laxatives. I hope that helps.
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