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Thread: Collagen urethra and weak pelvic floor?

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    There's Detrol LA and others to try.
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    There are a number of anticholenergic medications including Ditropan, Ditropan XL, Detrol, Detrol LA, Sanctura, Vesicare, etc. Some work better than others for individuals. Some cause less side effects than others fir select individuals. In addition. other medications which have an anticholenergic side effect such as tricyclic antidepressants (imipramine especially) can be used in addition to the anticholenergics.

    Ditropan can also be administered as a bladder instillation 1-2X daily at the end of your catheterization. This is a good way to avoid the side effects of taking it orally.

    Botox should also be considered if you have problems with low capacity and high pressures in your bladder and cannot tolerate the meds, or they don't work for you.

    I have know several women with SCI who have had slings and collegen injections. The injection in your arm was to see if you were allergic to it. That takes up to 4 weeks, so if you have no inflammation or lumps now that is actually a good sign that it might work for you.

    Regardless, it sounds like that urologist is not the one for you. I would really recommend you see a neurologic urologist who knows SCI and perhaps also specializes in female incontinence. There are a number of these specialists out there. I am concerned with the comments the one you saw made about surgery and indwelling catheters and personally would not be comfortable with them managing your issues.

    If Kaiser cannot meet your needs with an appropriate in-plan specialist, you are entitled to request a referral to an out-of-plan physician. It helps if you do a little research first so you know which physician you are asking for in the community. They have to consider a request like this, and provide you a response in writing (which you can also appeal if denied).


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