Hi, although I'm new to Care Cure, I was an "old" New Mobility poster. Anyway, I have been a t-9 para for almost 40 years. After being blessed for years with no bladder problems I now have problems with a prolapsed uterus which makes it harder to control bladder accidents in between cathing. I do intermittent cathing. So now with the weaker pelvic floor it seems my other organs have pushed the uterus and it is putting the squeeze on my bladder. I went to a so called specialist in urogynecology who told me since I was paralyzed they couldn't operate on me because I wouldn't be able to feel an infection (!!!) Really, I'm not making this up!! He went on to recommend an indwelling catheter. When I said I was worried about the extra risk of infection and other things with an indwelling he told me there was no risk of infection. (By now I felt he really didn't know what he was talking about.) He suggested collagen around the urethra to prevent leaking in between cathing. Well, since I do cath I feel that the collagen might cause more problems than it would help. I feel it might be harder to insert the catheter.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?