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Thread: In bed with new pressure spot

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    In bed with new pressure spot

    I got a pressure spot yesterday right in between my private area and anus. About a quarter if an inch by my private area, my aid cannot feel any bones there. Do you think there is any, the reason I ask is to see if it is a pressure sore or if it maybe tissue that got smushed in the roho. It is dark pink and has about twelve or more little blisters in it. Messures half inch by quarter inch. It is not opened, what would be the best thing to put on it I am putting vit. E on it. I will be up as soon as I can. Thanks Mona

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    Sorry to hear that Mona, seems like summer heat has given a lot of us problems.
    But yours sounds a lot like a bad heat rash that has broken out to me but I would check with a nurse or Dr.

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    It doesn't sound outright pressure related to me either. Any continence issues? It might be that.
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    I agree with the heat rash as being most likely instead of pressure, especially the way you described it. Roho's don't allow for a lot of air circulation in the private areas. Try a little corn starch powder or Caldesene medicated powder. Sorry you are dealing with this.

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    I'm with the rest. Heat rash and maybe a lil swamp butt. Hope it gets better. I know what a drag that is. I was down like 2 weeks ago with something similar.


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    heat rash, but i'm not a dr.
    when your in bed try letting air down there by carefully postioning your legs in an "open wide lemme look down there".

    Sprinkle a lil' medicated powder before you dress, emphasis on little.
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    I have seen presures sores in this area from sitting but often it is from shear against the cushion. Usually these do not present as multiple small blisters though.

    My advice would be that regardless, you would want to stay off it (use side lying positions as much as possible) so the air could get to it (if it is from close quarters and heat) or from pressure or trauma from sitting. I would be extra cautious and avoid sitting until it cleared up and then start back gradually.
    I would keep the area clean and dry and if not sitting, you could keep it open to the air and see how it develops.

    I know that's hard to do but it would prevent it from worsening. One question- does it burn or sting at all? Are the blisters fluid-filled?


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    I wish you well Mona..

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    Mend quickly.I second probably heat too.

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