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Thread: anyone walking normal

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    Question anyone walking normal

    does anyone know someone that has fully recovered from spinal cord injury?

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    I know a guy who made close to a full recovery. He still walks with a bit of a limp.

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    I guess that depends on what you mean? I can walk unaided but still have quite a bit of numbness in my muscles but can feel.

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    FAITH: Is not believing God can, but knowing he will.

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    walkin normal is not healed

    limp and some drop foot,

    Pain 9-10 24hrs a day 365 days a year 5 years in 2 weeks.

    all that I am is all gone


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    I know people who can walk normal but don't have b&b. Others have b&b and can walk with a limp. I have never met anybody who has fully recovered.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I have seen many (though a small percentage of those injured) that recovered full function. The first was a life guard at Craig named Rocky in 1974. He was a C4 like me. I made only 85% by my measure.

    Had I gotten better rehab than what I got there it might have been different.
    <Big sarcastic grin>

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    I walk normally but have problems with b&b. Very lucky not to have much pain only a stiff back once in a while. L1 Burst Two years this month.

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    My roommate at Shepherd came in with no movement at the c5/c6 level. By the time we left 12 weeks later she was taking steps. She attended the day program for 4 weeks and by the time she was done she was walking. She had to attend her graduation in the nursing program at shepherds in a wheelchair by webcam. Anyway, she recovered remarkably. She is a fulltime ER nurse, regained B&B, walks normal and looks normal; however she says she does have a lot of nerve pain.
    C4/5 functioning on a C6 level, use of left hand, no triceps

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    one of my dads friends had a sci and he walks pretty good but he drags one leg but has his b&b but said he had alot of pain

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