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Thread: medicare/caid & powerchairs

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    medicare/caid & powerchairs

    I am finnally getting a new chair. I was very excited i was looking at some highend chairs. I expected to borrow some money to add to medicare to make up the difference. My vendor here in oregon informed me that because im on medicaid also i cant pay the extra and get a more suited chair for my outside the house activities. Arg im what they consider a class 3 need this means i will get a chair suited for my physical needs and thats it . Should i be happy im getting what i am or should i make a stink and try for better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Yall

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    I would be very interested to find out what happens. There are some threads on here about just your situation, but I don't know how to tell you how to find them. I would think that at your level that you should get at least tilt and recline, but not sure. Let me know! Best of luck. It never hurts to "make a stink", the worst they can say is no.
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    I will keep you posted on what happens thanks for the words

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    Do you have a case manager assigned to you from Medicaid? You might want to try speaking to them before they order anything for you. My son has a great case manager and she makes sure he gets the things he needs. My feeling is why should you settle when something different would make such a difference in your life. That is really the issue, it is your life. I say make some calls and fight for what you need to live a good life.
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    I took your advise and called my case worker wow i have an awesome one so far they are very willing to work with me well we will see i'll keep you posted

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    That is great. Never settle for something when you know you can do better. You deserve it and should have what will be best for you. Please do keep us posted.
    DavesMom, Diane

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