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Thread: JetStream Pro Back Support System by ROHO

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    JetStream Pro Back Support System by ROHO

    Does anyone has one of those?

    I'm getting a Tilite ZRA, and I was thinking about one of those backs for me. Are they worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crica73 View Post
    Does anyone has one of those?

    I'm getting a Tilite ZRA, and I was thinking about one of those backs for me. Are they worth it?
    Scroll down, love, you'll find several threads on this.

    Obviously no one product works for everyone, but the JetStream has proven very popular. I love mine.

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    I recently went to a seating evaluation symposium. The person there, a PHD in seating eval. was saying that the molded backs are really not that good for seating correctly. The persons back connforms to a pre- formed molded piece of carbon fibre or plastic rather than the seatback,slingback, conforming to the persons back posture. The molded backs have their place but normally they are heavier and don't help the person with their posture.

    I went home and changed out my Jetstream to the new Top end webbed back and like it a lot more. It weighs much less and I seem to be much more comforatable sitting for longer periods of time. When using the Jetstream I had to also modified a lateral so I would sit straighter. With the slingback I don't

    A basic rule of thumb, barring any obliquities or abnormalities is, that for a SCI person T/5 or above, the seat dump should be approx. 14 degrees from front to back. More than what I was used to; I adjusted my ZRA to 12 degrees and am really liking it. I have had many, many chairs, mostly custom no adjustments. Now that I have a better idea of seating correctly, I will order my next chair at 12 degrees dump with a sling back.

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    Stay away from the Corback by Tilite. They are way too padded and hard to sit in.

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    I opted not to go adi, todd the owner pretty much talked me out of it, believe it or not.

    Pat how many incs of dump r u at. Difference between frt and rear seat hieght= dump rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    I think I'm around 3 1/2" dump Fuente. I'll have to measure when I'm otta da chair. Bt 3 1/2". if it gets too low, then a person has trouble transferring out of the chair.

    My back is as close to 90degree as possible. If it reclined too far back the person has a tendency to slump. If the dump is not deep enough, T/5 & above, the person is sitting too tall in the chair they will have a tendency to scoot forward and again slump in the chair.

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    I agree. I run 4in dump but my back is one click back from 90. Im a quad thou. I have ran 5, still easy enough transfer, but anymore would be tough. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I had a Jetstream Roho back on my TiLite chair. I loved it but am now far happier with my new Nissin chair with the low back. I can get into my backpack and do ADLs way easier. I liked the Roho back when I had it and it made my back pain go from like a 10 before I had it to a 0 once I got it. I also am an incomplete and got a ton of return back so no longer needed the support of the roho back.

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    I thought this back would give me a better posture.

    Seems that they are more indicated if you have a high injury?

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    We really don't know ow to respond to that Crica. Note sure of your level of SCI nor length of time sci.

    For me, posture comes from exercizing the rombiods and core muscle groups correctly.

    If in dowubt, I'm ure your provider may have access to a Jetstream tht yu could try out. thing is, why spend all that money on a back you might not like. I know I and many ithers, have closets full of stuff we thought would work out that didn't.

    Have you got access to a good seating specialist? Not nec. a PT or OT, because in most instances that don't have a clue on how to measure properly. If you do have good access to one, they may know on how to get a demo back.

    Are you slumping in your chair now or do you squeeze in between the shoulders. By squeezing the shoulder romboids, tht helps lift the chest which provides better posture.

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