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Thread: pic of my new norwegian elkhound me name her!

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    pic of my new norwegian elkhound me name her!

    after my valkyrie died last oct, i tried to find an elkhound i could rescue. no luck. so, found a breeder, had my animal rights friends check him out, and here is my new pup. she's a feisty lil thing. has my lab mix (10 times her size) already under her control...

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    She's so cute!! What is her name?
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    where everyone knows your name
    it's a beautiful breed
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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    here is my new pup.
    Congrats! She's a cutey!


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    You have to call that beauty a Norwegian name
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    give me one! been searching! help me name her! norwegian names are tough...but that's what i want.
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    I would have gone for Freyja, the norse goddess for beauty and love

    In Norwegian we call her Fr√łya but you don't have that letter
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    Flicka little girl. Cutey pie.

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    i thought you were talking about Leif!

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    i thought you were talking about Leif!

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