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Thread: ?? becoming pregnant - husband incomp T6

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    ?? becoming pregnant - husband incomp T6

    Hubby can cum on his own, but not just with sex but, it the sperm healthy? I have read that they swin slower, but what else? Basically we would have to do the cup and syringe, but without expensive tests how do we know if we are wasting are time or? I will plan on getting an ovulation predictor kit if we move forward, but any other advice or PM's would be greatly appreciated.

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    A semen analysis costs about $100 out of pocket. Not very expensive. You do have to find a lab that will let him collect it at home (not all will) and deliver to them within 1 hour. If he still has Kaiser, they may even do it for him as part of his benefits. You need an analysis that will give you count, morphology (normal/abnormal shape) and motility rates.

    Don't use any lubricant for obtaining the sperm. It can reduce the count. Also, no MJ for at least 2 weeks, and no Macrodantin. Both can interfere with sperm production and semen analysis results (as well as egg penetration).

    Have you also had a fertility work up? With the SCI fertility program I work with, nearly 40% of their women partners also had infertility problems.


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    he doesn't take any meds anymore, not even bladder meds, but he does smoke.

    So, are you saying that as a result of a spinal cord injury that sperm can be damaged? I mean, if they looked under a microscope and they were abnormal shaped what would that mean? That we would have an abnormal baby??

    No more Kaiser, just Medicare now... We had wanted more kids before his injury and now that the clock is ticking, it has been thrown around a bit and I wondered what our options are. We always wanted 4, but maybe I should just be blessed we have 2. I know I have seen a few here on CC that have had success without incident but it seems as if they were just very lucky...

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    Medicare might cover it if ordered by his doctor.

    Yes, SCI can change the morphology (shape and form) of the sperm as well as lower the count and motility. Fortunately malformed sperm cannot penetrate the egg so you just have to subtract the % of malformed sperm from the total count. Some men (esp. those who have used a long term indwelling catheter) will make no sperm at all. Having even one episode of epididymitis can also lower the sperm count to nearly nothing or nothing.

    We think this is due to chronic inflammation of the testis due to frequent UTIs compared to AB men. It is not due to problems with sitting all the time or loss of normal temperature control mechanisms of the scrotum as was previously believed.

    This is an additional reason that ART may be required to have a successful pregnancy even if the man with SCI does ejaculate, since you usually need at least 40 million (corrected) to be successful with either vaginal intercourse or intravaginal insemination (IVI)


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    I dont know if this is any help but me and my fiance tried for a long time and I didnt ever get her pregnant. And then she heard some where to wait until the 14th or 15th day after the first day of her period and we tried it and now shes pregnant.

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    So it is safe to assume he survived and has recovered from his jail time? Was his leg broken?
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