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Thread: 'shouter' for person unable to talk

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    'shouter' for person unable to talk

    hello all,

    hopefully someone can tell me whether or not this exists...

    the story is that today i did a 'come and try it' event for disabled people who want to try out sailing, and this one girl is very interested in taking it up as a sport. she has very severe cp, and only the use of one hand, so im locating a boat with full servo controls, so she can steer/trim through a joystick. but she also cant speak at all, and uses one of those keyboard machines that reads out whatever she types. but for racing, she will need to be able to shout out a few things, like 'starboard', 'water' and 'protest'. so is there some kind of small machine like a keypad (but with big keys i can write on, easy to hit in a hurry) where the keys play prerecorded words?

    wired speaker or not... waterproof would be nice, but it shouldnt get wet, and i can sort out some ziplock bags or something.......


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    Amy , have you found anyone to help with getting a hailer?
    Water proof speakers are fairly cheap and if the boat has a VHF check and see if it has a hailer function..
    Then you could use a waterproof touch screen on a latop or workbook.
    Hope that helps and I will look around for something that might fit her needs..

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    I'm going to post the question for Division 12 Augmentative Communciation SLP's and get back to you.
    In the meantime ask her what her speech pathologist can recommend.

    How cool is that? Sailing!!
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    thanks - i spent ages on google going round in circles, and eventually found the 4talk4 communication aid ( which looks like it might do the job. i can record my sister screaming 'starboard', 'protest', 'water' and 'ok', and ive found single buttons that i can record a whistle blast onto, that she can use as an alarm. it looks good, and theres a chance i can find it or something similar at a resource library here in if only the weather would get better!

    liz - theres plenty of disabled sailing in the ny area, and its actually pretty easy to get involved in...

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